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Curtain tracks are not all created equal--don't be tempted by cheap prices for a flimsy product. At the Flextracks, our tracks are crafted with precise workmanship using only the highest quality materials for long-lasting durability. Equipped with our own unique accessories like Straight curtain track, Bay window curtain track, Bow window curtain track, ceiling mounted curtain track system, ceiling curtains, ceiling mount curtain rod, shower curtain track system, ceiling curtain rail, sliding curtain track system, wall mount curtain track, ceiling mounted drapery track, ceiling mounted curtain track system, ceiling curtain track system, curtain rail track, hospital curtain track system, ceiling drapery track, recessed curtain track, double curtain track, sliding curtain track, drapery track curtain system, hospital curtain track home depot.
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What Our Customers Think
"I just wanted to follow up and tell you guys what a great product you have. I have had several projects lately that require installation of curtain track and have found your tracking to be hands down the best for both curved and straight applications. Position the mounting clips, unroll and snap in the tracks...nothing could be easier. As a professional decorator, I would highly recommend your tracks!"

- Michael Ingraham

"No question, just praise. I received my order very promptly and had 40 feet of track installed around the front edge of our stage in just hours. I was concerned that it would be too hard to handle doing it by myself, but it was actually quite simple. It is exactly what we needed... Thank you! I will be back for more in a few weeks!"

- Dino H.

"I used your product to install a floor to ceiling shower curtain in a remodeled master bathroom. I did not want to break up the view of the extensive tile and granite with solid glass enclosure, etc.. Plus this was at least $5,000 cheaper :-). Of course there is the maintenance free aspect of the shower curtain -vs- glass as well, since our water is rich in calcium. Thanks. BTW, I showed it to some other folks and they were very impressed with your product as well."

- Lance F.

"What an amazing product! It works exactly as advertised, It only took 1.5 hours to install the track & curtain myself. Your instructions were perfect. Thanks a MILLION!!!!

- Paul Z.

"Thank you for your assistance and detailed product knowledge. Our order arrived safely and on time, and we love the product. Everything was exactly as you portrayed it on the telephone, and that is a good feeling when your resource is thousands of miles away on the West Coast. Will certainly order from you again. Keep up the good work!"

- Diane T.

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