ceiling curtain rod

Fit Tracks To Round Windows With Our Ceiling Curtain Rod

How to find the best ceiling rod from online stores? When you hang a curtain to your window, you will often put the tracks or rod into a position some distance from the ceiling. There could be as much as five or six inches between the rail and the ceiling, depending upon the height of…

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bay window curtain ideas

Find Tracks For All Your Bay Window Curtain Ideas

Find tracks for all your bay window curtain ideas. When you have a home with a bay window, you have an open space which needs decorating to bring out its best features. You may decide that you want to save this window for last, in order to make sure that you get the decoration right,…

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bendable curtain

Fit Rails Into Tight Curves With Our Bendable Curtain Track

Do you want to buy our bendable curtain track? When you are renovating a property with a bay window, you may realize that standard curtain tracks cannot help you to fit the material into this space. You may have looked at all of the standard window track kits that you can buy from DIY stores,…

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Round Curtains

Where Can I Get Continuous Curtain Track?

Where Can I get a continuous curtain track? For many years, there has been a practice of installing large windows in homes. These might include large bay windows that seem to bulge out from the room, picture windows that were so popular in the 90s, and large French or sliding windows. All of these styles…

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curved curtain track

Curved Curtain Track | Need a Curved Drapery Track?

What is a curved curtain track and how to find it for home decoration? Need a Curved drapery track? Adding drapery to a room is standard practice, and there has been a recent fad for using coverings around beds, to divide rooms, or to allow homeowners to live in outside spaces without experiencing excessive sunlight….

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curtain valance kits

Curtain Valance Kits for the Do-it-Yourselfer

Do you have curtain valance kits too? When the weather changes, we very often want the design of our homes to reflect the new season, and one of the easiest and most effective methods for reinvigorating our living spaces is the addition of curtains or draperies. If you are looking to spruce up your home…

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durable curtain hooks

Secure and Durable Curtain Hooks

How to find secure and durable curtain hooks? No matter what the environment, curtains provide both practical and aesthetic benefits that can make a space more comfortable. Although curtains themselves offer a unique flourish to interior design, the curtain hooks can also add a great deal of complimentary style. By securing your curtains with FlexTracks…

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