Customize rod for any shape of your window

Metal plates are embedded in bendable curtain rods, so that the rods are very flexible which can bend more than 90 degrees.


These bendable rods can be used in many residential as well as commercial situations. A bendable curtain rod can be used at home to drape curtains as well as in restaurants, theatres, motor homes and many other places.


There are three varieties of curtain rods, standard, medium and heavy duty. Standard rods are most appropriate in homes. They can be used ot drape curtains on window panes, as shower curtains. Medium duty curtain rods are stronger than the standard version. They can hold heavier curtain to separate door, heavy door curtains. Heavy duty curtains are more applicable for industrial purposes hat require use of heavy draperies.


The advantage of any bendable curtain is that they can follow the contours of any curving surface. They can also be use to drape curtains on curved or bow windows. If you need to mount your draperies on the wall, the rod can be customized based on the distance between the wall and curtain rod.


Bendable rods made of water proof material have outdoor applications. They can last a really long time. Because of their water proof nature, they are highly tolerant towards cold or rain. You can also mount the curtain rods on porches or wall and drape them with sheer or outdoor variety curtains, for enjoying the outdoor all round the year.


Bendable rods are also great for mounting tapestries. Bendable roads are versatile; they can be used to mount tapestry on curved wall. A bendable rod is made of a steel interior and a resin exterior which can be used in curved surfaces particularly.