Round Window Curtain Track Kit 7 feet


For window circumference less than 7′ (up to 27″ diameter). Shipping and applicable tax not included. For more details, please go to
For larger window size, please call for assistance.

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The system includes:

(A) Flexible track with enough length to fit the perimeter of your window opening.
(B) Roller, in sufficient quantity corresponding to the length of track,to insert into the track in order to hold your curtain in place and to open or close the curtain easily.
(C) Snap button cloth for fast and easy attachment of all required rollers. This cloth is to be sewn onto back of curtain first.
(D) Mounting cartridge to fasten the track onto either window’s inner frame or outer wall. D1 is for former, D2 is for latter.
(E) One piece of 6″x6″ Spandex to provide elasticity for your curtain fabric.
(F) 2 pcs hooks for operation with optional wand to reach curtain in high location.

Package includes:
  1. 7′ bendable track.
  2. 6 pieces mounting cartridges for both outside or inside mount.
  3. 20 snap button sliders.
  4. 7′ snap cloth
  5. 7″ elastic strip
  6. 1- 2 1/2″ metal tension ring
  7. 2 curtain pull rings
  8. 2″ diameter suction cup.
  9. 6″x6″ elastic fabric

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Weight 3.9375 lbs

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