Quality Flexible Tracks for all your Curtain Needs

Reinforced with Metal Spine

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Quality Flexible Tracks for all your Curtain Needs

Reinforced with Metal Spine

Bay Window Curtain Track

Bay Window Curtain Track Finding the perfect bay window curtain track is not as difficult as you might think. The Flextracks carries quality flexible tracks for all of their customers’ curtain needs, including your beautiful bay windows.

If you’ve never shopped for curtain tracks before, there are a few basics you should understand before making your purchase. The most important thing to realize is that not all tracks are created equal- many, in fact are made of the cheapest materials possible and will deliver an inferior tracking for your curtains. This means your curtains will not move smoothly across the track and may not hang correctly.

The Flextrack system is patented and able to work with all types of curtains; its i-beam configuration, ball bearing roller and metal spine infrastructure ensures strength, flexibility and high performance. Each Flextrack system is coated with a high-quality resin for superior durability.

Flexible tracking allows you to use The Flextrack for curved or straight run applications. There are numerous hardware options available as well, so you can create any look you want to achieve. Using Flextrack, you can quickly and easily set up curtains for your bathroom, bedroom, garage, kitchen, living room, cubicle project, retail store or any other space where you wish to hang curtains.

Most people don’t give a lot of thought to their curtain track until they experience issues with hanging drapery. So often is the case that the cheap, hard aluminum curtain rod will not do justice to the elegant drapery you’ve picked out for your window or partition space. Flextracks curtain track allows you to install curtains virtually anywhere you desire. Homeowners with a big, beautiful bay window often cannot find a curtain track that is able to meet their needs and will settle for less than perfect window coverings for their beautiful windows.

The Flextrack system is durable and able to hold the weight of heavy-duty curtains and drapery with no problems. Since the track is flexible, you can bend it to suit your needs while designing the interior of your home. Due to the Flextrack’s finish, it is silent in operation, so you can guide your curtains across the Flextrack in a smooth, fluid motion. Made of metal plates and resin, Flextrack is able to bend 90 degrees and greater without a splice.

Mount The Flextrack system on your ceiling or wall, depending on your needs. There is hardware available on the website for either application. With a bay window, the curtain track can accommodate the curves and bends of any size or dimension of window and can even fit inside of the window frame.

We invite you to enjoy the free resources of the Flextrack website blog and FAQ page, both designed to provide answers to the most commonly asked questions with regard to the Flextrack system. You’ll find everything you need to know about the Flextrack right over the website. If you have questions you need immediate answers to, feel free to call 714-961-8883.
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Bay Window Curtain Track Bay Window Curtain Track