Quality Flexible Tracks for all your Curtain Needs

Reinforced with Metal Spine

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Quality Flexible Tracks for all your Curtain Needs

Reinforced with Metal Spine

Circular Window Curtain

Circular Window Curtain If you have the perfect circular window curtain but no way to hang it properly, you need the Flextrack curtain hanging system that will enable you to hang curved or straight run tracking in just about any location in your home or business.

Flextrack is not only completely customizable, it is also one of the most affordable ways to hang your circular window curtain in the precise place where you want to display it. Flextrack is able to bend 90 degrees and greater, without the use of a splice. You can create a circular track as small as 12” in diameter with Flextrack, making it the number one ceiling or wall mount track for custom applications.

Flextrack is made of high-quality, durable materials to ensure it is able to be used in home or business applications without fear that the tracking system will come down, even if it is used for heavy drapery. The track and its parts are made of long-lasting resin, with an embedded metal plate that is made of steel. The life expectancy of Flextrack is two decades!

Customers looking for ceiling tracks for a circular window curtain often contact Flextrack with questions about curved tracking for bay windows. Not to worry- Flextrack can follow the curve of any surface, able to accommodate the bends of your bay window and even fit inside of the window frame if desired.

For complete, step-by-step installation instructions, click on the Installation link at the top of the Flextrack home page and discover how easy it is to install your Flextrack system. There are instructions on how to conceal tracking and mounting hardware, leaving only the elegant look of your curtains.

If you’ve been struggling with the options available in the big box stores for hanging your curtains, understand that you won’t find what you’re looking for in a cookie-cutter shop. Nine out of ten homeowners use a standard curtain rod but never get the results they are looking for. Customized tracking for your curved or circular window curtain will do wonders for the look of your home or business and can be just as affordable as those standard options.

Using the Flextrack system you will be able to dress a wide range of windows, regardless of their size or shape. If you’re having trouble dressing circular window curtains and have not found an accessory that makes them look just right, the Flextrack can help you install that beautiful circular curtain in just a few minutes. Flexible curtain rods and flexible ceiling tracking make it possible to precisely dress your windows for picture-perfect results.

Enjoy unlimited window curtain application possibilities with Flextrack and never settle for less than perfectly dressed windows. If you have any questions about Flextrack or wish to speak with a specialist, please call 714-961-8883. Feel free to make use of the valuable resources on the Flextrack website, including their informative blog, their FAQ page, and their easy-to-understand installation page.
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Circular Window Curtain Circular Window Curtain