Quality Flexible Tracks for all your Curtain Needs

Reinforced with Metal Spine

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Quality Flexible Tracks for all your Curtain Needs

Reinforced with Metal Spine

Curtain Railing

Curtain Railing The right curtain railing can make or break the look of any room. Flextrack ceiling and wall mount tracks allow picture-perfect window dressing every time. If you’ve been settling for second-rate dressing of your window spaces, you’re going to love what Flextrack can do for your home or business.

With a ceiling-mount curtain railing, you can install your beautiful draperies anywhere you choose; in fact, the applications are endless! Use affordable curtains to create cubicle work spaces and save thousands of dollars over hiring a carpenter. Close off your bed with a luxurious canopy space so you can sleep better at night. Track your curtains around any size or shape of window, even those difficult-to-dress bay windows so many homeowners dream of owning but find so hard to embellish.

With Flextrack, you’ll never spend another moment struggling with an old-fashioned curtain rod or a sub-standard tracking system that is doomed to come down the moment you hang that heavy drapery on it. Flextrack is made of superior materials that are designed and manufactured to last 20 years in your home or business.

Perhaps one of the most difficult windows to dress are circular, arched or round windows. It’s hard enough trying to find curtains or dressings that fit the size and shape of your window, but to spend another week or two trying to figure out how you’re going to install your drapery, only to find nothing in the big box stores will work, can be truly frustrating.

Flextrack ensures a stress-free application, even on the most difficult-to-dress windows, with a variety of options available for round and curved windows. Finding the right Flextrack rod is a simple process and is made even easier when you call a specialist at 714-961-8883. Flextrack’s experts are available to answer all of your questions with regard to the selection of hardware as well as the installation of the product.

Feel free to take advantage of the free resources of the Flextrack website, including their highly-acclaimed blog articles that can help you better understand the Flextrack curtain railing advantages, the FAQ page, that answers some of the most often-asked questions on window dressing, and the step-by-step installation instructions for a variety of applications.
As curved and round windows have become more popular with architects, it’s imperative for homeowners to have the tools available to customize their interior spaces based on the design of their home. Flextrack’s curved curtain railing makes it possible to seamlessly dress any size or shape of window. Homeowners love that Flextrack can easily be self-installed, so there is no need to hire a  professional.

Create elegant and customized home and business spaces with Flextrack curtain railing and never settle for less than perfect again. With Flextrack, you can enjoy that wow factor in every room of your home at an affordable price that is comparable to standard options in a big box store. Discover the Flextrack advantage today- call 714-961-8883 to get started.
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