Quality Flexible Tracks for all your Curtain Needs

Reinforced with Metal Spine

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Quality Flexible Tracks for all your Curtain Needs

Reinforced with Metal Spine

Curtain Track

Curtain Track Are you searching for the perfect curtain track system for your custom curtains? If you’ve shopped at the big box stores with no satisfaction, the problem isn’t your curtains or your window spaces, it’s the lack of options available to homeowners today. Flextrack can solve the problem with picture-perfect results every time.

You’ve spent a lot of time and energy finding just the right curtains for your beautiful window spaces only to discover there is no way to hang them that makes them perform smoothly. While this is an age-old problem for homeowners, Flextrack’s new curtain track system is changing the way home and business owners are dressing their windows.

Imagine a flexible, ceiling or wall-mount system that is customizable to any space in any room. Round and curved windows, including those very-hard-to-dress bay window areas are no longer a problem for interior decorators. Heavy, thick drapery is not an issue either, since Flextrack is extremely durable and designed to last for 20 years in the home or business.

Your luxurious curtains deserve to be hung perfectly and function smoothly. Now, thanks to the new Flextrack curtain track, straight run and curved tracking can be installed quickly and easily without the need to call in a professional or purchase expensive accessories. Shop for pre-packaged kits or individual tracks and hardware at prices comparable to those sub-par tracking systems you’ll find in retail stores.

Flextrack was the 2013 WCMA Product Awards Winner for the most innovative overall concept and has been satisfying home and business owners since their inception in 2005. Customers from all over the world seek Flextrack to solve their curtain installation problems and are not disappointed.

If you’ve ever wanted to create custom drapery areas in your home, office or workplace, Flextrack can make it possible for you to close off or partition areas that you want to remain private, such as your bed area, a section of your living room, your bathroom shower area or any other space where privacy is needed. Design and create custom cubicle areas for your workers at a fraction of the cost of hiring a contractor to do the job.

Take advantage of the step-by-step instruction pages on the Flextrack website that will help you do-it-yourself quickly and easily. Complete installation along with general instruction, assembly photos and assembled dimensions are available by clicking on the Installation link at the top of the home page. You’ll be able to install the Flextrack system with a screwdriver, tape measure, pliers, string and a hacksaw.

Clumpy, ill-hung curtains can be a thing of the past with Flextrack curtain track. If you’re in the market for an affordable curtain tracking system that will revolutionize the look of your home or business, feel free to call a Flextrack specialist at 714-961-8883 with any questions you may have or for assistance in placing your order. For a limited time you can take 20% off of all prepackaged kits.

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