Ceiling Mount Instructions

Step 1
Ceiling Mount Installation Tools needed: Screw driver, pliers and hacksaw.
Step 2
Ceiling Mount Installation Draw a line along the ceiling where the drapery or curtain is being installed. In the situation where a curved line is difficult to draw, it is suggested to create a template by first drawing the line on a piece of constuction paper or cardboard and attaching this to the ceiling. Depending on how sharp the curve is, mount the ceiling cartridge on the ceiling approximately 10-12 inches apart along the line with the lockable clips facing the same direction. Tightly secure the cartridge with screws. Add additional catridges as needed where a sharp turn occurs. For a conventional drywall hollow ceiling, it is suggested to use #8 x 1″ flat head screws with #8-10 x 1″ ribbed plastic anchors.
Step 3
Ceiling Mount Installation Measure the overall length of the line as described in step 2, use this measure minus 1″ and cut the track as needed with a hacksaw. Starting from one end, lock the cut-to-length track into one cartridge after another by pushing the clip on the catridge tightly against the track, use pliers if necessary. Ensure the flat surface of the track faces up.
Step 4
Ceiling Mount Installation Fasten the end cap on one end of the track, insert the track rollers into the track and then fasten the other end cap in place to lock in the rollers.
Step 5
Ceiling Mount Installation Do not try to force bend the track. Curvature of the track will be automatically accomplished by fastening the track to the mounting cartridges.
Step 6
Ceiling Mount Installation For coil track running straight, make certain all mounting cartridges are 9″ apart and are installed in line withourt any offet. Place additional cartridge 2″-3″ near both ends. For bendable straight track (TS-2) , we recommend mounting cartridge at every 12″. For alum straight track (AT-2), we recommend mounting cartridge at every 30″-36″.
Step 7
Ceiling Mount Installation Single curtain is hung onto roller with hook.
Step 8
Ceiling Mount Installation Now you have completed ceiling mount F-track installation.
Step 9
Ceiling Mount Installation For double track application: Apply identical procedure using double track cartridges(DC).
Step 10
Ceiling Mount Installation Double curtains are in place