Curtain Track Installation Instructions

The Flex Track Installation Instructions
Caution! Track is extremely flexible! When uncoiling the track, handle with care so as not to let it snap intentionally.

1. Tools needed: Screw driver, tape measure, pliers, string and hacksaw. Use drywall or
concrete drill bit accordingly to make holes of the surface where the track will be
mounted on.

2. Draw a line along wall or ceiling where drapery or curtain will be installed. In a
situation where a curved line is difficult to draw, such as on ceiling, draw it on a
template made with newspaper or cardboard, then tape it temporarily to the ceiling.

3. For curve run application: Depending on how sharp the curve is, install mounting
hardware at apx. 12” interval along the drawn line. Tightly secure all cartridges with
screw. Add additional cartridges as needed or at starting and ending points of a turn. For
hollow mounting surface, such as drywall, use #8-1” flat head screw with #8-10 x 1”
ribbed plastic anchor.

4. For straight run application, using coiled track: Coiled track can not be expected to
look to be exactly like a straight track. However, by installing mounting cartridges or
brackets close enough to each other, you can improve the straightness of track can be
greatly improved. Straightness of track can be greatly improved if mounting hardware is
at roughly 12” intervals. Last one from the edge not to exceed 3”- 4” away. All mounting
hardware must be installed along center line, without any offset, to minimize a wavy
result of the track.

5. For Straight track installation: Place mounting hardware approximately 12” interval
for Refre track, 24” for Selfie and 36” for Super Selfie in the field. 4” from both edges.
6. Trim edges square where two tracks need to be spliced.

7. Divide all required mounting hardware evenly along entire track for better visual

8. Cut the track 1” shorter than required length for insertion of end caps at tight space.

9. Start to install the track from one end, tighten the track into cartridge one after another.

10. Fasten end cap on one end of the track, insert rollers and 2 magnetic catch (optional) into
the track, then fasten the other end cap.

11. For questions or technical support, please email us at [email protected] or call
714-865-7799. If you intend to conceal the track and hardware when curtain is in closed
position, visit the FAQ section of our website for suggestions.

Curtain Track Installation
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