Which Track to Select

Flexible track:

Select type:

  • Standard grade T3 (plastic track with embedded metal plate) and new REFRE track: Suitable for light-weight applications, such as single curtains and closet enclosures.
  • Standard grade T2 (plastic track with embedded metal plate) and new SELFIE aluminum track: T-2 is larger in size than T-3; Selfie size is identical with old T-3 but made of aluminum. Both have stronger holding strength than T-3. Good for most residential applications, including black-out or velvet drapery. Also ideal for light commercial, institutional and similar applications.
  • SUPER SELFIE aluminum track: Suitable for multi-layer or taller than usual curtains as well as commercial and industrial applications.

Select length:

  • Our standard grade kits, T-2 and T-3, have 3 pre-cut length to fit your need. These tracks will be discontinued after limited quantities are sold out.
  • Each package contains all required materials for a simple ceiling or wall mount project. For a longer continuous track, from 16 ft to 82 ft, click on photo of the REFRE track, fill in your desired length, we will custom cut it accordingly. For multiple roll purchase, fill in length in total foot (82’x number of rolls).

Straight track: 

It can sustain 9 pounds/14 pounds per foot of curtain weight, requiring mounting cartridges @ 24”/36” interval respectively.

SELFIE and SUPER SELFIE straight tracks which are also easily bendable with bending hand tool. Tight-fit join pin to extend indefinite track/curtain length are available to ensure smooth running of the rollers. Use it when track’s straightness is main concern. These tracks are made of aluminum with powder coating superior quality finish.

WINPIA and NEW DELAC are two new aluminum straight tracks we proudly introduced. These tracks could look similar to what you might have seen it on nowadays saturated market but all tracks, like everything else, are not made equal. Quality as well as versatility make our tracks outstanding. In addition, they are designed to make installation easy. We offer many accessories to work in conjunction with the tracks in order to broaden its application. It will execute your design ideas with ease and less expensive. Please click on technical data of the specific track on our site for detail.

Select type:

SELFIE and WINPIA aluminum track: Suitable for medium weight applications. Good for most, if not all, of residential applications including black-out or velvet drapery.
SUPER SELFIE and NEW DELAC aluminum track: Suitable for multi-layer or taller than usual curtains as well as commercial and industrial applications.

Select required components:

  • All tracks, except track kits, require you to purchase components for a complete system. Details are posted for your reference.
  • There are many optional accessories to choose from helping you to accomplish unique applications.
    These required components as well as optional accessories are posted on related pages on our Website.