Frequently Asked Questions

The applications are numerous. Our tracks are versatile solution for both residential and commercial applications. It is appropriate for drapery and curtain use in home, business, hotels, restaurants, boats, photo studios, theaters, high-rise curved curtain walls, as cubical dividers, for bay windows, as shower curtains, and many other places. To check if our tracks are suitable for your needs, please visit our photo gallery for various application or contact us at [email protected] or call 714-865-7799 for a free consultation.

Standard duty track as well as Refre track are made of plastic with embedded metal plate. It will meet most residential applications such as light sheer, shower curtain or use with normal height draperies. Selfie track, made of aluminum, can sustain more weight than plastic track. Super Selfie track, made also of aluminum, is larger in size than Selfie, can handle greater weight. It is suitable for thicker, heavier commercial and industrial use curtains. It needs less mounting hardware than our other tracks.

Without a doubt, our flexible track can also be used for straight run but it will be different from straight track since it has been coiled up. In straight run application, we recommend installing mounting hardware at 9″ interval. Try to work out all mounting hardware with even interval mounting hardware which will look better. All mounting hardware need to be installed alone center of the intended line where straight or curved, slightest off set will result in having a wavy track.

When straightness of track is priority, we have 6.6’ long aluminum straight track, Selfie and Super Selfie. Mounting hardware will require less in this application.

Indeed, hacksaw is all that is necessary although power sew will be more convenient. Please click link for Installation Instructions.

We recommend 3-4 rollers per foot of track to avoid curtain from sagging.   For mounting hardware, we recommend one per foot for Refre track, and 9″ interval for straight run application. One every 24” for Selfie track and one for every 36” for Super Selfie track in the field., 4” from the edges. If the track is sharply curved, add additional mounting hardware at point of turns.

Our Refre track has metal plate embedded, it is extremely flexible and can bend 90 degrees or more without any splice so that the sliders can move freely without interruption. Selfie and Super Selfie aluminum tracks can also be hand bended.  We have bending tools available for those of multiple units with uniform curvatures.

Our tracks can be installed on either ceilings or walls. We offer unique hardware for each. When placing an order, please specify whether the application is intended for ceiling mount or wall mount.

Our tracks can follow the curve of any surface. Not only it will accommodate the bends of your bay windows but it can fit inside the window frame. In the event that you would like to wall mount it, let us know if there is any clearance you’d like to have between the wall and the track so we can determine the appropriate wall mount bracket required.

The track and its parts are made of resin, which is very long lasting. The metal plate embedded within the track is made of steel. Life expectancy is 2 decades.

Refre track is up to 82 feet continuously without any need for connectors. It is packaged in a roll. Selfie and Super Selfie tracks come in 6.6 feet a piece in length for benefit of easy carry and transport. There are tight fit connectors available to extend the track length indefinitely.

Standard and Refre track weight supporting capacity are 1.1 pounds per roller.   Selfie track is 2.2 pounds per roller whereas Super Selfie is 3.3 pounds per roller. Noted that these weight capacity are only as good as how secured the track’s are fastened to the surface. Click technical data on our site for more details.

Indeed, our tracks can be easily bent into S shapes as long as the mounting cartridges are positioned correctly. Our tracks trails tend to be hugely flexible and can bend 90 degrees or more without any splice so that the sliders can move freely without interruption. For example, the diameter of a circular standard track can be as small as 12″. Pertaining to instalment directions, click installation on our web.

We offer standard grade and premium grade kits.

Standard grade kits:

9.8 feet standard track, 38 rollers, 16 ceiling mount cartridges, 2 end caps, 1 pair magnet catches and 16 screws and plastic anchors. $56 per pack plus shipping.

13.1 feet standard track, 50 rollers, 20 ceiling mount cartridges, 2 end caps, 1 pair magnet catches and 20 screws and plastic anchors. $69 per pack plus shipping.

16.4 feet standard track, 62 rollers, 24 ceiling mount cartridges, 2 end caps, 1 pair magnet catches and 24 screws and plastic anchors. $84 per pack plus shipping.

9.8 feet medium track, 38 rollers, 16 ceiling mount cartridges, 2 end caps, 1 pair magnet catches and 16 screws and plastic anchors. $70 per pack plus shipping.

Premium grade kits:

6.6 feet Refre track, 22 rollers, 2 end caps, 1 pair magnet catches, 9 ceiling/wall mount cartridges. $42 plus shipping.
9.8 feet Refre track, 34 rollers, 2 end caps, 1 pair magnet catches, 12 ceiling/wall mount cartridges.$70plus shipping.

The distance you want between wall and track determines which hardware to use. Standard duty wall mount cartridge (WC 3 ) gives you 1″, Wall mount bracket ( WM2 ) gets 1-7/8″, bracket ( WM3 ) gets 3″ max. Refre Wall Mount: 2/3”.

You can do it with a wand or by hand.

Shop directly from our site or call / email us with total length of track measurement. We will work out the parts and the rest of detail for you.    For overseas orders, please call or email us if you couldn’t complete the order process. Depending on where are you located, our online system may or may not process your order.

Phone: 714-865-7799, E-Mail: [email protected]

First, determine if you would like the track to be wall mounted or ceiling mounted. Then, determine total length of track required. It is recommended to order a few inches longer of track and some additional parts than not having enough.

We recommend 3-4 rollers per foot of track to avoid curtain from sagging. For mounting hardware, we recommend one per foot for Refre track, 9″ each for straight run application. 24” interval for Selfie track and 36” interval for Super Selfie track in the field, 4” from edges. If your ceiling or wall is sharply curved, it’ll need less mounting hardware but do add extra at point of turns.

Because our track and parts are relatively simple, complete information about our products is available on our website. If you have any additional questions, please give us a call at 714-865-7799 or email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you within 2 business days.

Our products are not available through local locations. They can be ordered directly online. Products ship directly from our warehouse in Southern California.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express, Paypal online or over the phone.

Each order is custom cut and assembled. Once your order is confirmed and shipped, we regret that we can no longer cancel your order or offer any refund. This no return and refund policy applies to all of our products, including prepack, custom cut track, roll of track and parts.

Depending on shipping location, it will take about 3 days to reach mid west such as Chicago and 5 days to east coast such as N.Y. or Florida. Our record in past 5 years indicated that 99% of the orders were shipped out on the same day when orders were confirmed. The policy was and still is once your order has been confirmed and payment received, we ship out within 2 business days.

We normally use UPS or USPS ground service. UPS will not deliver any box that is longer than 9’ without incurring additional charge which in most case is more than the material cost. That is one of the reasons we offer maximum 112” long track to make the shipping easier and cheaper. Tight fit connectors can give you indefinite length of track if so intended.

Our track works the best on horizontal curve application such as bay window but it still can apply to arch window by side mounting the track with our wall mount cartridge. However the curtain can only be stationary in this case, unable to open or close like the conventional way.

There are several solutions to hide track and mounting hardware if you are planning on doing so.

Method 1: Use conventional drapery “S” pin with pleated curtain. One end of the pin goes into the ring of the roller, the other end of the “S” is to pin through the pleat. Position this pin about 1-3/4″ below the curtain top so that curtain barely touches the ceiling, the track is therefore covered by the curtain.

Method 2: Use hem and trim tape to create the facing then use the above mentioned drapery pin. This will give you a seamless drapery.

Method 3: Use our flexible hook. Use back side of curtain fabric to wrap around the paper thin portion of the flexible hook, then either stable or sew the piece in position about 1/2″ to 1″ below top of curtain. The hook can let your curtain height be adjusted to 1-1/2″. Click “flexible hook” on accessory page for detail.

Method 4: Use our optional roller which has button on the side, named BR-2. Click “assembly photo” for different applications.

You will need to make button holes on your curtain facing in order to work with it. This is a more secure way and you can use these buttons to implement your design idea in numerous ways to compliment the curtain. Click on “assembly photo” page to see design ideas. This method is best suitable for light weight fabric.

When the fabric’s weight gets heavy, such as having velvet or curtain with blackout, we recommend to hang the curtain directly under the ring and to have a separate narrow piece of fabric as valance to hang it from the buttons, otherwise the drapery won’t slide as smooth because curtain’s weight is shifted from center to the side thus creating some friction to the rollers.

Button holes are suggested to be at 1- 1/2″ from the top to center of hole, 3″-4″ apart horizontally depending on how many rollers you want per foot of track. It you don’t want to show the button, simply make the hole on the back side of facing.