A Ceiling Curtain Track to Fit Your Exact Needs

Michael Lan 07/16/21

Have you been trying to find a ceiling curtain track for your home or business but nothing really measures up? Does it feel like none of the curtain options that you’ve looked at feel right? A curtain track isn’t the kind of purchase that most folks make often. Indeed, when someone buys one of these,…

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Not Just Curtain Track: Curtain Solutions

Michael Lan 07/10/21

“Why should we get your curtain track?” “What separates what you offer from the rest?” These are perfectly valid questions that potential customers ask us. The truth is we understand that you have plenty of options when it comes to finding tracks for your curtains. However, here at The Flex Tracks, we offer flexible tracks…

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Freshen Up Your Bay Windows With Curtain Tracks

Michael Lan 07/31/19

Freshen up your Bay windows with curtain tracks and make your home beautiful. It can’t be denied that bay windows are great. They offer fantastic natural light, great views and open your room up in their own bay-window way. However, plenty of people run into trouble trying to decide the best way to dress them…

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Wall Mounted Curtain Track Or Ceiling Mounted

Michael Lan 07/19/19

Decorate your room with wall mounted curtain track. When it comes to making choices in your home about things like new furniture, paint, flooring, and curtains it can be a debate between which color or choice is better. You may spend weeks deciding between two shades of blue that don’t seem to even be that…

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Transforming Your Basement with Straight Curtain Tracks

Michael Lan 07/05/19

How to transform your basement with straight curtain tracks. These days having a finished basement can be a great way to gather the family. Whether for weeknight fun or escape the wife/husband for a night with friends, snacks, and drinks. Previously the basement was for storing, hiding laundry machines, or stockpiling canned goods. For some,…

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RV Curtain Tracks For Your Motor home

Michael Lan 06/28/19

How to decorate your room with RV Curtain tracks? For those of us that spend a lot of time camping or on the road traveling you know the importance of keeping things strapped down in your RV. You may be familiar with the all too annoying scenario of stopping for the night after a long…

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Curtain Tracks The Simple Bay Window Makeover

Michael Lan 06/21/19

How to choose the best curtain tracks? Having a bay window in your home can be a challenge when you want to find the best way to adorn it. You have a large, beautiful view of your property and beyond, so how do you capitalize on it? You will want to enjoy that view while…

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Choosing a Shower Curtain vs Door and a Straight Curtain Track vs Rod

Michael Lan 06/14/19

A simple way to choose the best shower curtain tracks? When you are looking to give you bathroom a new feel there are plenty of ways to go about it. You can add new paint, retile the walls, floor or back-splash. You can add a new mirror or vanity or simple change the style of…

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Reasons Why You Should Ditch Rods and Opt for Straight Curtain Tracks

Michael Lan 05/31/19

Why we use to opt for straight curtain tracks. Have you been looking for a way to spice up your curtains lately? Are you getting sick of looking at overly decorative rods? There are many reasons why you should ditch those rods and opt for straight curtain tracks, but here are four that we think…

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