Flexible Curtain Tracks

Michael Lan 11/20/22

Decorating 101 Truth: Drapes can make all the difference to your business and home décor.   But, remember … the big difference lies in how drapes are hung.  Badly hung drapes and curtains can be disastrous.  They can make your business, home or room look sloppy and untidy. For example:  Hospital drapes, hospital room divider drapes and so…

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Does a Straight Curtain Track Offer a Minimalist Look?

Michael Lan 07/28/22

Curtains can provide privacy to your house but they are also beneficial to make your home look its best. When shopping for curtains, you may focus on the color and style. But have you ever thought of where to hang the curtains? Remember that hanging hardware can make or break the aesthetic of your home….

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When to Use Ceiling Curtain Track?

Michael Lan 06/21/22

The ceiling curtain track can do the same job as the curtain pole. However, if you wish the fabric to be the focus of attention, then a curtain track is the best option. Most tracks are made of plastic or metal. The track has hooks where fabric is attached. It’s also fixed to the ceiling…

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Should You Use a Bendable Curtain Track to Fit a Bay Window?

Michael Lan 06/16/22

A bay window is one of the designs that can be tricky to fit a curtain. Thankfully, a bendable curtain track can be used in this setup. The Flex Tracks offers a wide range of tracks that are made of the highest quality materials. You may choose to install the flexible track yourself or opt…

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Let the Ceiling Curtain Track Maximize the Light Shining Through the Window

Michael Lan 05/23/22

It is easy to hang your curtains when you have the right tool. If you choose to hang it from the ceiling, make sure that you have a reliable ceiling curtain track. Otherwise, you’ll be at risk of experiencing the curtain falling from the ceiling. Worse, you get hurt if the track falls over your…

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Buying Ceiling Mount Curtain Rod for Your Home Office

Michael Lan 05/16/22

Are you redesigning your house, particularly your home office? There are many aspects to consider. One of them is how you’re going to design your windows. Keep in mind that the curtains can make a difference to your decor, no matter what your windows look like. If you’re looking to find a rod for your…

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The Right Ceiling Curtain Track for Your Needs

Michael Lan 04/22/22

Have you been looking for a ceiling curtain track but aren’t sure which is the right kind? Does “super selfie” sound like something that involves taking a really good picture of yourself? We understand that many folks don’t spend all of their time thinking about curtain track. However, here at the Flex Tracks, we do….

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Wall Mount Curtain Track and Beyond: Flexible and Rounded Curtain Track

Michael Lan 04/15/22

Do you need new curtains on your property? Does it feel like there isn’t enough privacy in your office? A ceiling or wall mount curtain track could be the answer. Whether it’s in a commercial, residential, or industrial setting, curtains keep others from intruding on your privacy, intentionally or unintentionally. With our curtain track, you…

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Medical Space Needs the Right Hospital Curtain Track

Michael Lan 12/22/21

It’s difficult to find a healthcare facility or a medical space without curtains. They are required to provide patients with the privacy that they need. However, curtains need tracks so they are installed properly. That’s why it’s vital to pick a suitable hospital curtain track so healthcare workers can hang the privacy curtains properly. Hospital…

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