Ceiling Curtain Track

When to Use Ceiling Curtain Track?

The ceiling curtain track can do the same job as the curtain pole. However, if you wish the fabric to be the focus of attention, then a curtain track is the best option. Most tracks are made of plastic or metal. The track has hooks where fabric is attached. It’s also fixed to the ceiling with braces so the curtains can glide smoothly.

Discreet Finish with Ceiling Curtain Track 

In a hospital setup, a ceiling curtain track is a common option because the track is hidden by the header. It gives a discreet finish. With this setup, tracks can help achieve a minimalist look. This is also the option if the windows have restricted space between the window and the ceiling.

Flexible Curtain Track of The Flex Tracks

For all your curtain needs, you can trust Flex Track’s quality flexible track to do any job you want it to do. You can use it for lightweight applications like a closet enclosure or single curtains. We also offer a plastic track like the Standard Grade T3 with a metal plate. The T2 track is the same as T3 but it’s just larger. You may use it at home. But it can also be installed in an office or a hospital. If your curtains have many layers, the flexible curtain track is the right call.

Medical Set Up

Hospitals require the right curtains that can offer patients the privacy that they need. But before curtains can be set up, they require the right tracks. What’s the most suitable hospital curtain track to use? A durable track that can endure heavy usage is the ideal option. Flex Tracks has flexible curtain tracks that can be customized. They are crafted with outstanding workmanship. Each track is made of excellent materials so you can be sure the track can last long despite heavy use.

Customization Available

One of the things that clients like about the Flex Tracks is that they can request customization for the curtain tracks they wish to purchase. They can ask for a custom design so the track will fit in a hospital setup. Some accessories make customization a lot easier and ensure that the track will fit in a certain space.

What Accessories Are Offered?

A curtain track has several components. To provide the system with its final shape, accessories are needed. For instance, you can choose a joint pin, hanger clip, extra ceiling double bracket, or a selfie magnet catch. These accessories are all available at the Flex Tracks.

Ceiling Curtain Track

Right Tracks for Any Set-Up

Curtains are available in different sizes. They are also made for various purposes. When it comes to choosing the right curtain tracks, you need a flexible, durable track. They must be created with precise workmanship so they can last a lot longer. This is why business businesses and homeowners are turning to Flex Tracks. It’s based in California and it has been in the industry for more than 15 years. Thus, the quality of its ceiling curtain track has already been proven. For more information about its products, please call (714) 865-7799