ceiling curtain track

Cover your windows completely with our ceiling curtain track

You are thinking about changing your curtains and want to replace the existing rails and tracks with modern ones that will better suit the theme of your room. Modern room design often means trying to match your curtains to walls, furniture or floors, and there is nothing more upsetting than seeing a pretty, well-decorated room…

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ceiling curtain rod

Fit tracks to round windows with our ceiling curtain rod

When you hang a curtain to your window, you will often put the tracks or rod into a position some distance from the ceiling. There could be as much as five or six inches between the rail and the ceiling, depending upon the height of your room, and the tracks often need as much room…

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bay window curtain ideas

Find tracks for all your bay window curtain ideas

When you have a home with a bay window, you have an open space which needs decorating to bring out its best features. You may decide that you want to save this window for last, in order to make sure that you get the decoration right, and you may also need to look around for…

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bendable curtain track

Fit rails into tight curves with our bendable curtain track

When you are renovating a property with a bay window, you may realize that standard curtain tracks cannot help you to fit material into this space. You may have looked at all of the standard window track kits that you can buy from DIY stores, and not found one that can help you to fit…

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Buy Curtain Tracks For Round Windows

Buy Curtain tracks for Round Windows Finding the right covering for a round window can be very difficult. These windows are often used in small rooms, where space is at a premium and so a standard size-window is not possible. They are also common in Nineteenth-century homes, where the gothic style of architecture created unusual…

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Curtain Tracks for Round Windows

  Decorating the windows of your home can be a fun and entertaining process with The Flex Track. With a number of varieties of options available to help make the round windows in your home look appealing, finding the right flex track rod for you shouldn’t be a problem at all. With The Flex Track, the beauty…

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Flex Track Launches Round Window Track

  As round windows have become more and more popular addition to housing design recently in the United States, we’ve created an easy to use and innovative round window curtain dressing window track that can be installed without the help of a professional and with only a few simple steps. If the window in your home that…

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Curtain ideas for round windows

Curtain ideas for round windows   If you have a round window that you have to cover with a curtain, the same presents you with an opportunity to decorate your space. So, have you decided which curtain design you will use for your round window? This is a critical step as it, to some degree,…

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