Curtains for round windows

Curtains for Round Windows in Your Spanish-Styled Home

Spanish-styled architecture is seen in homes throughout the southwest U.S. The homes are notable for their terracotta roofs, exterior stucco and curves and archways. Round windows are often found in Spanish-styled homes as they complement the curved lines.

A window without curtains looks unfinished and if you want to hang curtains for round windows, they are best mounted on a circular track. Any other kind of track can look messy and clunky or wouldn’t work at all.

Use circular curtain tracks

It can be expensive to have a circular pole handmade and this could be expensive. It means you still have to find a way to stop a curtain from sliding back down to the bottom of the pole when closing it. The best solution is to use a circular curtain track to secure the curtains and ensure that they stay in position. There are various companies that make curtains for round windows and using a flexible, circular curtain track accommodates the round shape.

Block out the light

If you don’t have curtains at all on your round windows, the summer light may blaze into your home to the extent that it bleaches out your furnishings and makes the whole room feel uncomfortably hot. In summer, you can choose light fabric for the curtains that will gently filter the light and keep out the blazing sun. In winter you can use heavier materials to make the room feel cozier and snug.

Blends in seamlessly

You don’t want your curtain tracks to be so noticeable that guests see them before anything else. Circular curtain tracks made from plastic are lighter than other materials and as the plastic is flexible, it is easy to fit together. You may be concerned about the suitability of a plastic track but it can fit with almost any style and disappears behind a white frame, looking completely natural in the surroundings.

Curtains for round windows add a finishing touch

You may have the most expensive décor in your home but without the right curtains, a room will not be as appealing as it could be. Curtains add softness and elegance to the space. If the curtains are chosen to harmonize with all the other elements in the room, they can provide just the right finishing touch. What you may have thought impossible becomes easy when you use the right solution.

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