Windows With Curtain Tracks

Freshen Up Your Bay Windows With Curtain Tracks

It can’t be denied that bay windows are great. They offer fantastic natural light, great views and open your room up in their own bay-window way. However, plenty of people run into trouble trying to decide the best way to dress them up with curtains or blinds. It can cause debate, confusion, and frustration to…

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Basement with Straight Curtain Tracks

Transforming Your Basement with Straight Curtain Tracks

These days having a finished basement can be a great way to gather the family. Whether for weeknight fun or escape the wife/husband for a night with friends, snacks, and drinks. Previously the basement was for storing, hiding laundry machines, or stockpiling canned goods. For some, it’s just a dank, dark and creepy area of…

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a curved curtain rod for bay window

A Curved Curtain Rod for Bay Window to Maximize Curves and Angles

Bay windows are challenging to decorate. Thankfully, there is a curved curtain rod for bay window to maximize its curves and angles. It also adds additional space in that room. A Favorite in a Modern Building A welcome feature in various modern buildings, bay windows can add attraction to your interior. They boost the sunlight…

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