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Installation Photos

STEP 1: Install Inside mount cartridge.


STEP 2: Track with all mounting cartridges are in place.


STEP 3: Button strip sew to back of curtain with rollers snaps in.


STEP 4: Insert Rollers onto track.


1:  Measurement of round window circumference: window diameter multiply by 3.15

2: The attached graphic is for 36″ diameter round window., divided into 48 grid lines. 

For your own size of round window, use its diameter or radius to locate the perimeter on the grid accordingly, then connect the numbers as indicated along perimeter of the circle to define the shape of pie to cut for your own window. 

3: The pie shaped by color line is the fabric cutting pattern. Cut number of pies as indicated to fabricate the curtain in which you have selected. 

4: It is suggested to use stretchable material such as knit unless you can cut the fabric precisely as needed. 

5: Depending upon how stretchable the material is, it is suggested to cut the fabric about 2″ wider than the pattern for trims.

6: Sew the snap buttons along each piece of pie at even interval. Beginning and end ones need to be placed not more than 1/2″ away from the finished edge.

7: Test with a larger than needed cut out before proceeding to all cuts. 

8: Follow installation instructions with all finished pieces.