How to Conceal Track and Mounting Hardware

Method 1
There are several ways to conceal track and mounting hardware if so intended. Method 1: Use conventional drapery “S” pin with pleated curtain. One end of the pin goes into the ring of the roller, the other end of the “S” is to pin through the pleat. Position this pin about 1-3/4″ below the curtain top so that curtain barely touches the ceiling, the track is therefore covered by the curtain.
Method 2
Use hem and trim tape to create the facing then use the above mentioned drapery pin. This will give you a seamless drapery.
Method 3
Use our flexible hook . Use back side of curtain fabric to wrap around the paper thin portion of the flexible hook, then either stable or sew the piece in position about 1/2″ to 1″ below top of curtain. The hook can let your curtain height be adjusted to 1-1/2″. Click “flexible hook” on accessary page for detail.
Method 4
Use our optional roller which has button on the side, named BR-2. Click “assembly photo” for different applications. You’ll need to make button holes on your curtain facing in order to work with it. This is a more secure way and you can use these buttons to implement your design idea in numerous way to compliment the curtain. Click on “assembly photo” page to see design ideas. This method is best suitable for light weight fabric. When the fabric’s weight gets heavy, such as having velvet or curtain with blackout, we suggest to hang the curtain directly under the ring and to have a separate narrow piece of fabric as valance to hang it from the buttons, otherwise the drapery won’t slide as smooth due to the fact that curtain’s weight is shifted from center to the side thus creating some friction to the rollers. Button holes are suggested to be at 1- 1/2″ from the top to center of hole, 3″-4″ apart horizontally depending on how many roller you want per foot of track. It you don’t want to show the button, simply make the hole on the back side of facing.