Hospital Curtain Track

Redesigning Your Hospital? Why Hospital Curtain Tracks are a Must-Have

If you are redesigning your hospital, one of your decisions will be what curtain tracks to use. Hospital curtains offer privacy and are commonly used in the care sector to create temporarily partitioned spaces. Hospital curtain tracks must be strong, durable and easy to install. It is possible to choose from a wide range of curtains to meet your design requirements and accompanying track systems are specifically designed for hospitals and of the highest quality to offer safety and hygiene.

What are hospital curtain tracks?

Hospital curtain tracks and curtains give patients privacy. The tracks may be suspended from the ceiling or attached to the wall with a curtain hanging on hooks from them. The staff or the patient can pull the curtain into place quite easily because the track for each cubicle consists of one solid piece. A cubicle in the middle of the ward will often have a U-shaped track that offers privacy on all sides and those next to the wall are more of an L-shape.


You will want any hospital curtain tracks to be flexible so as to suit various layouts and situations. Many curtain tracks do not offer the required flexibility required for hospital cubicles. There are certain requirements that are necessary for cubicle tracks to fulfill to be worthy of use in the hospital environment.


Patient-related distress is a big problem for certain people undergoing long-term treatment and procedures in hospitals. Their stress can contribute to the exacerbation of their symptoms and this makes medical management more difficult. Providing cubicle curtains on tracks as partitions can ease their minds and give them the privacy they so badly need. Hospital tracks have a narrow profile so they offer the necessary privacy when closed but don’t obstruct views across the ward when open.


Apart from providing privacy, cubicle curtains help to control the light and act as a means to help stop hospital-acquired infections. It is more important now than ever to have reliable systems in place to prevent the spread of infection in enclosed areas like a hospital ward. Hospital-acquired infections are reduced in areas where curtains are frequently sanitized.

Easy maintenance

The curtain tracks require little maintenance once installed as the roller runners remain smooth to operate. The tracks often function flawlessly for years. The curtains are hung from hooks and it isn’t difficult for staff to change the curtains if necessary.

Find the best hospital curtain track

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