Ceiling curtains

How a Ceiling Curtain Track Makes Your Airbnb Accommodation More Beautiful

Every small detail matters when you want to style your Airbnb accommodation in the right way. When wall-mounted curtain rods are unworkable, you may want to think about installing ceiling curtain tracks. It is important to find ones crafted with precise workmanship and using only the finest quality materials. You also want them to be easy to install and within your budget. Make sure a track will be durable and double check what weight it can support before buying it.

Add a sense of height and drama

If there is little wall space between your window and your ceiling, you can use ceiling mounts to achieve a flowing ceiling to floor style. Systems that attach to the ceiling can make a huge difference to the look of the curtains. They will fall beautifully in soft flowing pleats from the ceiling. If you have a wide, short window in the room, a ceiling mount will help to lengthen the window and create an illusion of height.

Keep it cozy

A room with many large windows can feel and look chilly in cold weather. Ceiling-hung curtains can make a room with large windows feel extra snug when closed as they cover a large area. It’s best to choose a curtain color that blends with your scheme but doesn’t dominate the room too much when the drapes are closed.

Maintain a modern, clean look

A pair of drapes mounted on a curtain rod can give a bedroom an old-fashioned vibe. A ceiling curtain track allows the softness of the curtains to add to the luxury of the room but in a clean, modern way. Instead of bunched-up fabric and fussy rods, your curtains will look elegant and streamlined. The look is clean and minimalistic compared to curtain rings which are more noticeable.

Customize easily

Tracks come in various materials and you will need to consider which materials are most suitable for you to use. Some may offer the type of strength you need if you want to hang heavy curtains. Others may be more flexible and give more option for customization.

Simple to install and use

Curtain track gliders are easy to install on the ceiling and to operate with curtains opening and closing smoothly. You can choose to install them yourself or opt for a professional to do it for you. Removing curtains for cleaning is not difficult.

Find the best ceiling curtain tracks

When you want to install new ceiling curtains, you may need some advice to get the perfect tracks for your windows. Whatever types of curtain tracks you need, including ceiling curtain tracks, call The Flextracks at (714) 865 7799 for advice or to request a quote. The company offers flexible curtain tracks that are not only affordable but allow for easy on-site customization by customers from all over the world.