Curtains for Round Windows

A Proven Way to Make Curtains for Round Windows

Windows are part of a design in a house. Round windows can be the focal point of any room. They are conspicuous so they need a grand window treatment. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find curtains designed for round windows. What are the best curtains for round windows?

Use Flexible Tracks to Make Curtains for Round Windows

The use of flexible tracks is the most common option. They can run along the window’s curve. They are pliable to follow the curve. These tracks can give the round windows complete coverage. But before buying these tracks, the measurements must be taken around the window’s face. The track bends to ensure to fit the shape of the window. Flex Tracks has taken the time to ensure that durable flexible tracks can last forever.

Curtains for Round Windows

Should You Ignore the Shape of the Window?

Ignoring the shape of the window is another way to dress it. If this is the case, a straight curtain rail can be used. It fits above the round window and covers it with long curtain fabric. Even if this is the option desired, the right curtain track must still be used to hold the curtain. Flex tracks curtain tracks are flexible enough to hold up to 8.8 pounds per foot. Many houses in California with round windows have Flextracks installed in them.

The Most Ideal Option for Round Windows

Flex Tracks may seem like an ordinary seller of the curtain track. However, if you take a closer look at its online reviews, you’ll be amazed at how our actual clients are giving us mostly positive reviews. They trust our company because of our long track record. After all, we have been in the business for 15 years.

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with only exceptionally good curtain tracks and optional accessories. We won’t remain in the industry if it were not for the highest quality products we provide. Our California-based company is known to offer homeowners, healthcare facilities, and hotels durable tracks that can last for decades.

What makes our curtain tracks special is that they are not obtrusive. It means that they won’t take any attention away from the beautiful round window. It remains on your round window and the beautiful curtain that hangs on the track.

Are the Tracks Mounted to the Ceiling or Wall?

It depends on your application. you can choose to install it on the ceiling or the wall. For each option, Flex Tracks offers unique hardware. When you order, you must specify the application you want. That is, whether it is for ceiling mount or wall mount. This is vital. Otherwise, you can’t install the curtain properly.

How Durable are the Tracks?

The life expectancy of these curtain tracks is two decades. They can even longer with proper care. The tracks are made of resin, which is known to last long. If you’re still not sure how to make curtains for round windows, please call our team to help you decide what flexible tracks you need and the accessories: (714) 865-7799.