Hospital Curtain Track

The Role of Hospital Curtain Track in Preventing the Transmission of Infectious Agents

Microorganisms shed by patients can easily be transmitted from one patient to another. That’s why each bed has a hospital curtain track to install the curtain, which is vital in providing privacy to patients and protecting patients who are very ill. But healthcare providers don’t have time to fiddle around with a curtain that gets stuck in the track. For that reason, it’s ideal to install a flexible curtain track that can bend 90 degrees without a splice.

Finding Hospital Curtain Track That Can Be Moved Freely without Interruption

Hospital workers are busy. They are focused on prolonging and saving someone’s life. This is why they need a hospital curtain track that can withstand the pressure. And when necessary, the hospital workers can easily change the curtains. The curtain tracks here at FlexTracks are flexible enough to take a real beating.

As mentioned earlier, Flextracks are flexible. They can also bend 90 degrees or more so they can move freely without interruption. The tracks are made with excellent workmanship with the use of the highest quality materials to ensure they are durable. Customers the fact that the curtain tracks are best for curved and straight applications.

Hospital Curtain Track

Exceptionally Strong Hospital Curtain Tracks

The curtain tracks at Flextracks are exceptionally strong, making them ideal in a hospital setting. They have been designed to ensure a soundless curtain system experience. They have a metallic exoskeleton to guarantee strength and durability. Although they have a strong exoskeleton, they won’t compromise the tracks’ bending ability in any way. Thus, what you get are durable tracks that can bend easily without cutting or welding just to achieve the desired shape.

Providing Privacy to Patients

Nurses, family, and physicians may have a hard time conversing with one another in shared rooms. Furthermore, patients who are lying in the middle of the ward won’t have the privacy that they want. But thankfully, a u-shaped curtain track can be installed to offer privacy on all sides. Even though the hospital isn’t known for being private at all, a little privacy can help to lower their stress.

Easy to Install

Flextracks’ curtain tracks are easy to install. In that case, they won’t take a few days or weeks to put them up there. Within an hour or so, the curtain system will be upgraded. They won’t cause major inconveniences to the hospital setting.

Why Choose Flextracks’ Hospital Curtain Tracks?

The curtain tracks are exceptionally durable making them perfect in a busy setup. But Flextracks doesn’t only sell curtain tracks. Customers can find optional accessories to ensure that the curtain system will be versatile. The quality of our products here is second to none. This is why many decorators choose its curtain tracks. Flex tracks have a proven track record with nearly 15 years of experience providing exceptional curtain tracks for different applications. Call Flextracks today here at (714) 865-7799 to ask for expert advice from a live person about a hospital curtain track.