Curtains for round windows

Curtains for Round Windows to Make Your Apartment Look Beautiful

You may be wondering how to deal with the round window in your apartment due to its unusual shape. You can’t treat it in the same way as you would all your other windows and you may wonder whether there are curtains for round windows and tracks to suspend them. A round curtain track works very differently from other curtain tracks and must be very flexible. Some curtain track manufacturers offer a unique product that provides a solution.

A curtain track for round windows

When installing a round curtain track, you first install an inside mount cartridge along with the window opening and snap a flexible track onto it to form a circle. You then install rollers with snap buttons onto the mounted cartridge and butt the track ends with an outside mount cartridge to close the circle. You can then sew the snap button strip onto the back of your curtain and insert the rollers onto the track.

Curtains for round windows

Installing a round curtain track

To make installation of around curtain track easy, it must be made of a high-quality material that is flexible and durable. Most manufacturers of round curtain tracks will give you clear instructions on how to install their products. Installing the right curtain track will ensure that your round window is properly covered and doesn’t let in too much bright light which can bleach your furniture.

Curtains for round windows

The curtain fabric you choose for a round window must compliment your other furnishings. A stretch fabric like a knit is probably best or you have to measure and cut your fabric very precisely. There are various cutting patterns you can use for your round window curtains. For example, you can cut a circle and then cut it into five pieces. Just make sure you add trims to complete each one. All you do to install the curtain is to insert the fabric pieces through a three-inch tension ring that you get with the track and use the snap buttons to hold them in the appropriate position.

The finished look

You don’t want your curtain track and curtain to be so noticeable that it draws attention away from your interesting round window. Some very unobtrusive tracks are flexible and light which is hardly visible once the curtain is in place. If the curtain material you choose suits the style of your décor, people can admire the round window and not be distracted by the way you’ve hung the curtain.

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