Ceiling Curtain Track

Ways a Ceiling Curtain Can Make Your Small Room a Lot Bigger

Are you planning to replace those ugly blinds? Or are you living in a small space and you want to refresh your windows and make your small room look a lot bigger? If you fall in one of those categories, finding long curtains installed to your ceiling can help in creating a larger look for your room. However, before you can even affix drapes, you need a sturdy, high-quality ceiling curtain track.

How a Ceiling Curtain Track Can Help in Making Your Room Look Bigger?

Hang the Curtains High

The higher they go, the better the outcome will be. But first, you need the right ceiling curtain track so you can position the curtains as high as possible. To ensure that your window looks higher, install the track as high above the window as possible. Attaching a ceiling curtain track can trick the eye into believing that the wall is bigger than it is. Doing so will expand the entire room.

Ceiling Curtain Track

Choose the Right Curtain Tracks

Curtain tracks come in various shapes and sizes. Thus, remember it when buying curtain tracks to make your room look bigger. But in this case, you need a ceiling curtain track that’s durable and flexible. Flextracks’ ceiling curtain tracks are the perfect option. They can hold 8.8 pounds per foot.

Don’t worry about their quality because they’re not like the standard ceiling curtain tracks that you find from other online sellers. The quality of curtain tracks from Flextracks is second to none. Thus, you can be sure that they will last for a longer period.

Use Long Curtains

You can’t make your room bigger with a standard curtain. Instead, make sure to use long curtains. Avoid mid-length or window-sized curtains. Long curtains can accentuate the limited space of your room and expand the window. They’re like stiletto heels. Long curtains will make the walls appear leaner and higher.

When you choose these over the standard-sized curtains, the entire room will look like it has undergone a facelift. With long curtains, you can bring out the romantic in you. However, if you want to avoid the curtain from getting dirty, you can hang it an inch above the floor.

Opt for the Right Texture

When picking the material for your curtains, you should consider having curtains that let sunlight in. That is if you’re keeping the curtains drawn. If you want to pull them to the sides of the window, you can opt for a denser fabric.

Buying Exceptionally Good Ceiling Curtain Track

Curtains can have a huge impact on your room. But you need to position the curtains properly to ensure that you achieve the outcome you envision. And when positioning your curtains, make sure that you use premium-grade curtain tracks from Flextracks. The ceiling curtain track can also be mounted on the wall. If you’re not sure what to purchase, you may call a live person here at (714) 865-779.