Ceiling curtain track

Ceiling Curtain Track for Your OPD Facility

An outpatient department (OPD) is designed for patients who visit the hospital because they have a medical problem that requires diagnosis and treatment. It has allotted physical facilities and medical staff to provide care to patients who are not registered as in-patients. In such a facility, patients need to have privacy as not having any privacy can increase their stress and exacerbate their symptoms. Using a ceiling curtain track system and curtains provides a solution to the problem.

Importance of the OPD

As the OPD is the first point of contact between the hospital and patients, it can make or mar the image of the hospital. It can also reduce the load on in-patient services as it offers basic and preventative health care services. The facilities have to be designed to give patients the best possible experience and this includes giving them some essential privacy. A well-designed and organized OPD facility can be a high revenue-generating department in a hospital.

Ceiling curtain track

A ceiling curtain track and curtains offer essential privacy

There is always plenty of action happening in an OPD facility which means that patients have little privacy. It can be difficult for physicians and patients to have private conversations. Patients often feel more uncomfortable and stressed when everyone is privy to what’s going on with them. Having curtains offers them the privacy they need and a ceiling curtain track offers extra full coverage.

Durability and ease of use

It is important for staff members or patients to be able to pull curtains into place and back again without any difficulty. The tracks have to function well and the sliders must move freely. In an OPD facility, the curtains are frequently opened and closed so the track must be durable to withstand constant use.

Custom design

Custom design according to the requirements of the space is important for the track systems used in an OPD facility. There are systems available with added accessories that make them very easy to customize to fit a particular space. For example, in some cases, a u-shaped curtain tack is necessary to offer privacy and so a bendable, flexible track is the best option.

Good hygiene

In an enclosed indoor area where sick people are cared for, like an OPD, great care has to be taken to prevent the spread of infection. Curtains can contribute to this but they need to be kept scrupulously clean. The track must be made of a material that’s easy to clean and it should be a simple task to remove curtains and hang them again.

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The Flextracks provides quality, durable and flexible ceiling curtain tracks that are suitable for an OPD facility. Our company is located in California and has been operating for over 15 years. We offer our customers the opportunity to customize a system to suit their spaces with optional accessories that make them even more versatile. Call (714) 865 7799 to find out more or to arrange a consultation.