Should You Use a Ceiling Curtain Rod When Hanging Curtains?

Michael Lan 04/19/19

A ceiling curtain rod is just what you need to help you hang your curtains as high as possible. Remember that curtains are vital in any home decor as they can help in completing the entire look of any room. Curtains do not only control the light, but they also provide privacy and warmth to homeowners….

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Find a Bendable Curtain Track for Large and Tall Windows

Michael Lan 04/12/19

A bendable curtain track is used to blend well with a wall. It can easily fit behind your decorative elements. Because it is flexible, you can bend it to easily fit in some odd window shapes. Is Bendable Curtain Track the Right Curtain Hardware for You? When picking the type of curtain hardware, it is…

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Cover Your Windows Completely With Our Ceiling Curtain Track

Michael Lan 03/30/19

Cover your windows completely with our ceiling curtain track. You are thinking about changing your curtains and want to replace the existing rails and tracks with modern ones that will better suit the theme of your room. Modern room design often means trying to match your curtains to walls, furniture, or floors, and there is…

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Fit Tracks To Round Windows With Our Ceiling Curtain Rod

Michael Lan 03/15/19

How to find the best ceiling rod from online stores? When you hang a curtain to your window, you will often put the tracks or rod into a position some distance from the ceiling. There could be as much as five or six inches between the rail and the ceiling, depending upon the height of…

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Find Tracks For All Your Bay Window Curtain Ideas

Michael Lan 03/08/19

Find tracks for all your bay window curtain ideas. When you have a home with a bay window, you have an open space which needs decorating to bring out its best features. You may decide that you want to save this window for last, in order to make sure that you get the decoration right,…

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Fit Rails Into Tight Curves With Our Bendable Curtain Track

Michael Lan 03/05/19

Do you want to buy our bendable curtain track? When you are renovating a property with a bay window, you may realize that standard curtain tracks cannot help you to fit the material into this space. You may have looked at all of the standard window track kits that you can buy from DIY stores,…

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Ceiling Mounted Tracks Create Possibility

Michael Lan 02/15/19

Decorate your home with our ceiling mounted tracks. You may be under the false assumption that certain tracks need to hang from a wall-mounted position. However, you always have the option of attaching your curtain tracks to the ceiling. It can create an entirely different look for your curtains that can add drama, distinction, and…

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Why Should I Choose Bendable Curtain Tracks?

Michael Lan 02/08/19

Bendable curtain tracks are a fantastic way to transform your interior design. They are also great for many different uses such as partitioning a room or over a window and make the project of dressing a window very simple. Even if you have a corner window, arched, or bay window. There’s a bendable rod out…

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Where Can I Get Continuous Curtain Track?

Michael Lan 09/28/15

Where Can I get a continuous curtain track? For many years, there has been a practice of installing large windows in homes. These might include large bay windows that seem to bulge out from the room, picture windows that were so popular in the 90s, and large French or sliding windows. All of these styles…

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