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Should You Use a Ceiling Curtain Rod When Hanging Curtains?

A ceiling curtain rod is just what you need to help you hang your curtains as high as possible. Remember that curtains are vital in any home decor as they can help in completing the entire look of any room. Curtains do not only control the light, but they also provide privacy and warmth to homeowners. They can also add color and texture to the house.

Go Wider

When picking the right curtains, however, it is vital not to go too narrow. Instead, choose a wider ceiling curtain rod than your window width. It allows sufficient room for panels to hang on one side of the window. It also forces panels to cover the window each time.

The rule here is to go 12 inches wider than your window. Doing so will trick your eye into thinking that your window is larger than its actual size.

Sufficient Fabric

Your curtains must need to look and feel full, rather than skimpy. If you use a curtain on a certain occasion, opt for a curtain that is 2.5 times the actual window’s width.

And hang the curtain high. Install the curtain rod as high as possible. Doing so will help make the window look taller than it appears. Choose a curtain rod and install it to the ceiling or closer to it if you can. The ideal area is at least six inches about the frame of the window.

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But do not go too short. If you are not using a cafe-style curtain, the fabric must fall to the floor. However, the fabric must not hit the floor. It must have an inch distance from the floor. In that way, the fabric will not get dirty or will not get dragged.

Use a Ceiling Curtain Rod When Hanging Curtains

Suitable Fabric

Apart from choosing the right ceiling curtain rod and curtain, it is also ideal to pick a suitable fabric. It must suit the mood and the room. It must also be appropriate for its function.

Going for a lighter blend will give the room a casual feel. However, if you choose a denser fabric, it gives a more formal atmosphere and feels. It also provides you more privacy. During summer, choose linen to give the room a breezier feel.

Before you hang the curtain, make sure to use a simple template. It will make sure that the rod is installed at the same height for each window. In that way, the rod will not look crooked.

What if you need more length in your curtain? If you bought a standard length curtain because it is more affordable, you can sew an additional panel to achieve the length that you need. To appear more stylish, make sure to add contrast. That is, the panel added must be in another plain color or pattern.

Ready to Install Your Curtains?

At FlexTrack, we offer different types of curtain rods and tracks. You can choose a ceiling curtain rod or opt for wall mountable. If you need further help in picking the right product, contact us through (714) 865-7799.