opt for straight curtain tracks

Reasons Why You Should Ditch Rods and Opt for Straight Curtain Tracks

Why we use to opt for straight curtain tracks. Have you been looking for a way to spice up your curtains lately? Are you getting sick of looking at overly decorative rods? There are many reasons why you should ditch those rods and opt for straight curtain tracks, but here are four that we think are noteworthy:

They won’t get stuck in the middle

Most curtain rods that you will hang up in your life are made of two pieces with one part that slides into the other. This usually leads to a bump or worse, a stuck curtain when you are closing or opening them. It gets worse if you have a long window that needs supporting brackets in the middle to keep it from bowing. That middle bracket will mean that your curtains meet a stopping point and it will become frustrating to deal with. Tracks allow for a smooth and seamless journey from one end to the other.

best opt for straight curtain tracks

They can carry their weight

Straight Curtain tracks are supported all over, not just at the ends or a few spots in the middle. Instead they are supported with brackets or drapery hardware in regular intervals. This means they can hold drapes that are heavy and long without sagging! Some rods cant handle the extra weight and will immediately (or over time) sag and break.

Opt for Straight Curtain Tracks

Not just for windows.

Most curtain rods are meant to be used on flat, basic windows. However, curtain tracks as special and can be mounted not only on the wall but on the ceiling. This means they can be used nearly anywhere for any reason. If you live in a large open floor planned home you can easily install a curtain track on the ceiling to create a chic, beautiful fabric wall that can be pulled for privacy or style. They’re also great for corner windows, bay windows, tv covers, doors and anywhere you may need privacy.

They just look great.

Straight curtain tracks give you better decorative options than rods. Rods have one look: rod. Curtains can be configured how you like on your track. Some can be recessed into a window or ceiling

Making their mechanisms practically invisible and creating a fantastic floor to ceiling look too! A bonus factor: Recessing the track into your bedroom window means having darkness on those bright sunny mornings when you just want to sleep in!

These four simple reasons should be enough to have you checking out the inventory on in our online store. All of our tracks are easily installed in your home with our simple directions. If you want to create a new look for your home curtain tracks are the first place to start. So, throw out those old rods and bring in some new style this spring! If you need any help deciding or have any questions you can always refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section or give us a call lat (714) 865 7799 for more information.