great straight curtain track

The Benefits of Great Straight Curtain Track

What are the benefits of a great straight curtain track? When deciding what curtains look best in your home you probably focus too much on the color, style and other aspects like the fabric when instead you should be thinking about the type of hanging you want to use! While the fabric and print style of your curtains can add character, charm, and style to your home choosing the right hanging hardware can make or break the aesthetic you are reaching for.

Some people will simply opt for the style and ease of hanging up a cheap curtain rod. It does its job and they can go about their day. Others searching for better functionality can find it in a great straight curtain track.

You might be used to thinking of curtain tracks when it comes to doctor’s offices, corporate board rooms, or hotel rooms yet they are becoming a popular and chic option in homes these days. They’re becoming more popular due to their ability to blend seamlessly into the wall. They can be installed flush to the wall or window which can block out light with better aims at being opaque. Their ability to help block light can be essential for bedrooms with homeowners who need darkness on an early weekend morning to catch a few more hours of sleep. You can also ad decorative elements such as a pelmet or valance

the best great straight curtain track

Great Straight Curtain Track


Another great thing about buying a straight curtain track is that they come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. You have straight and curved tracks for those long stretches of straight windows as well as any round windows your home might have. There’s the opportunity to get uncorded, corded, or motorized tracks.

Minimalist Profile:

When you hang your curtain using tracks gliders its allows for a minimalist look. The internal track has carriers and gliders which are hidden behind the curtain heading this is a much less noticeable look than curtain rings or rods.

Ease of Use:

Along with a curtain tracks aesthetic appeal it also has the ability to easy functionality compared to other options, Opening and closing your curtains with a track offers a smooth function that can be motorized with the push of a button,


Whether you need a straight or curved track these can be easily shaped to the window you want to be covered. They’re ideal for things like bay windows and curved windows. You can even have your curtain mounted on the ceiling if you wish!

Easy Installation:

Installing a straight curtain track system is easy to do operation and can easily be done by the homeowner following instructions. Better yet they are easy to remove for cleaning so you won’t have to worry about dust and dirt build-up.

If you are looking for great curtain rods look no further than The Flex Track. We have curved and straight rods at varying lengths for your home and business needs. If you have any questions regarding your track purchases you can call us at (714) 865 7799  for more information