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When to Choose Straight Curtain Tracks Over Simple Curtain Rods

Simple curtain rods over straight curtain tracks when to choose? When you find the right curtains you need the right hanging to decide. The last thing you want after you hang up your curtains is to have the fall from the wall, ripping out the hardware, and damaging your drywall and paint. When you know that you have found the right curtains for you you can then find the right hardware through Flex Track. We can’t blame those of you who prefer curtain rods but tracks are what we mainly focus on here. Tracks are a discreet and expertly designed way to blend in with a wall or behind a decorative element that allows your curtains to shine all on their own. The actual mechanisms that work the curtain are hidden while the curtains can be corded, uncorded, or motorized. One of the biggest advantages in the tracks vs rods debate is that tracks can be fitted to the way a window bends as well as customized in size.

Style Dependant

If you are working with a particular style of curtain you might run into an issue where a specific style of hanging needs to be used. For example, if you always wanted to have elegant curtains, choose straight curtain tracks. Then, if you purchase curtains with eyelets mead you will need a rod. Choosing the right color and pattern also means ensuring that you aren’t buying a curtain that will work with the type of hardware you want to be installed.

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Straight Curtain Tracks Over Simple Curtain Rods 

Weight is important

If your curtains are light they will do fine on a track or a rod. However, if they are heavy you will want to consider something like a straight or curved track (depending on your window shape) so that they will hang up and stay up. You can even get motorized tracks so that at the push of a button you can open and close your curtains

Window Size and Location

The shape and size of your window can also be a big deciding factor in how you pick your track or rod. If you have large and tall windows you will want to choose a track because they have motors and pulley systems that can help in easy opening and closing them.

You should also think about the location of your window. If you like complete darkness in the morning then a straight track would be best. It is installed recessed into the window which means it’s better at blocking light out more completely than a hanging rod.

Length of Installation

Curtain rods can require additional support hardware like brackets, especially over long distances. These can obstruct the smooth operation of your curtain’s movement. This is where tracks can be a better option as they can span large distances without interruptions.

If you have curtains in mind for your home and know that they would do best with a straight track you can depend on The Flex Track for the best hardware and track options. Call us today with any questions (714) 865 7799