shower curtain vs door and a straight curtain track

Choosing a Shower Curtain vs Door and a Straight Curtain Track vs Rod

A simple way to choose the best shower curtain tracks? When you are looking to give you bathroom a new feel there are plenty of ways to go about it. You can add new paint, retile the walls, floor or back-splash. You can add a new mirror or vanity or simple change the style of the shower. If you have been dreaming of having a glass shower door for years there may be a few persuading reasons why it’s not the best idea. In fact, we have a few reasons why you should opt for a shower curtain (and a straight curtain track!).

Easy Cleaning and Versatility

One of the biggest reasons why you should go for a shower curtain instead of a door is that it is just so much more simple to clean! When you want to clean a shower curtain it is usually as simple as tossing it into the clothes washer for a quick washing. With a sliding glass door you might struggle a bit more to fit it into your washer… In all seriousness, it will take some scrubbing and elbow grease to keep a shower door clean and free of soap scum. Another fantastic thing about choosing to go with an elegant or fun curtain is that you have endless options. When you want to overhaul your bathroom you won’t have to get rid of a glass door instead you can easily replace your current curtain with something new. In fact, if you’re the type that gets easily bored with your decoration you can buy a few different curtains to swap out and change up the feel of your bathroom.

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Your Pets and Kids Will Thank You

You may not consider it but when you have a tub or shower with a sliding glass door it can be a small nightmare to deal with your pets or young children. Regular baths for your children can be made awkward when you have to slide a door back and forth to reach them and help with the bathing process. When you use a curtain it’s so much easier to draw it back and easily reach into the tub to play, splash and sud your young children. You pets may be more manageable as well. With dogs that don’t like getting bathed it can be an all hands on deck situation and if you hindered by a shower door, it won’t be as easy!

Get a Straight Curtain Track, Not a Rod

One final thing to consider when shopping for a new curtain or choosing on remodeling your bathroom is whether you really want a rod this time around. Rods can fall and be annoying to clean. With a straight curtain track installed your curtain can be easily recessed and have a flawless glide from start to finish. Straight curtain tracks are easily assembled and installed and can be done in the course of an afternoon. You don’t have to hire anyone special to install your straight curtain track either, just check out our Instructions page to see how easy it is! The best part is no snagging on curtain rings! To find the right straight curtain track for your bathroom check out our selection today or call the representative at The Flex Track for more information (714) 865-7799.