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Curtain Tracks The Simple Bay Window Makeover

How to choose the best curtain tracks? Having a bay window in your home can be a challenge when you want to find the best way to adorn it. You have a large, beautiful view of your property and beyond, so how do you capitalize on it? You will want to enjoy that view while also having the ability to close it off for shade and privacy when you wish. Should you use a curtain rod? Should you use a curtain tracks? What kind of curtains should you use? If you are asking yourself these questions, you have come to the right place!

Find Flexibility

When trying to find the best ways to dress up your bay window you may find the best solution to be the use of a flexible curtain tracks. The flexibility of bendable curtain tracks gives you so much more than a curtain rod would. You no longer need to stick with the straight and boring hand of a curtain rod. Instead, you can flex this track to fit the curve of your bay window, no compromises needed! Also, you won’t have to worry about a factory needing specific dimensions and curvature lines. No one needs to show up and measure. These tracks can easily be bent by hand and installed by you. Finding the right window dressing for your bay window just got a whole lot easier!

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How To Choose The Best Curtain Tracks?

A Better Alternative

If you are set in your ways and want to get curtain rods consider this: You’ll need more parts and end up with less elegance. When you use rods for a bay window you may end up needing three or more segments of rods to over each are of the window. Depending on how many window pane segments your window has you could be stuck with the frustration and lengthy process of hanging up five curtain rods and curtains. The worst part about using curtain rods for your bay window is that you will end up with brackets that interfere with smoothly opening and closing your curtains. To find this problem you can easily install a curved and ceiling mounted track that follows all angles and curvatures and leaves you with a single, smooth gliding, elegant look.

A Nook and Book

Owning your own place means giving it your own personal touch. Another way to create a private person space is by installing a ceiling mounted curtain track a little way away from the window. You can choose great floor to ceiling length curtains that block off the window and allow room for window-side seating and a bookshelf. This can create a great private relaxing space for morning coffee, rainy afternoon reading or crafting by the window. Really, it’s up to you! With a few more ideas on how to refresh and properly adorn your bay windows be sure to check out our shop to find the best fit for your window. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out the The Flex Track team by calling  (714) 865-7799