bay windows with curtain tracks

Freshen Up Your Bay Windows With Curtain Tracks

Freshen up your Bay windows with curtain tracks and make your home beautiful. It can’t be denied that bay windows are great. They offer fantastic natural light, great views and open your room up in their own bay-window way. However, plenty of people run into trouble trying to decide the best way to dress them up with curtains or blinds. It can cause debate, confusion, and frustration to find a simple solution to your big bay window problem. You want to enjoy your view but block out peeing eyes late at night when the sun has gone down. Windows with curtain tracks are always a simple yet bold design choice. You want to keep the beauty of your bay window on full display but don’t want the window meeting walls. So, how do you freshen up your bay window to create more style and character?

Popularity and options

One of the best ways to give your bay window new life is through the use of flexible windows with curtain tracks. They are inexpensive and can be shaped easily to your window. Bend by hand and easy to install too, they are a good looking and discreet way to add drapes or curtains to your bay window.the best bay windows with curtain tracks

Bay Windows With Curtain Tracks

Don’t use rods!

You may think that rods would be a better idea for you bay window but trust us, it’s not. When you use rods for a bay window it will force you to break up the window to fit over the three to five different panes that create the whole window. The brackets will end up interfering with your ability to smoothly open and close the window too. All it will leave you frustrated and annoyed. Instead, you can install ceiling-mounted windows with curtain tracks that can be recessed into the ceiling for a seamless look. A ceiling mounted track will supply you with an elegant look as well as a smooth, complete, open and closing of your curtains.

Privacy and Decorations

One of the best things about bay windows is how they offer you a great view of your property. Unfortunately, they also can be offered a view for people on the street to look inside your home. Adding curtains to your windows can be a quick and easy way to close off that viewpoint when you don’t want your neighbors looking it. Also, you can hand your curtains a little further from your bay window to create a closed-off space. You can sit in the window with the curtain to your back, drinking your morning coffee in a private nook. That nook can also be a great place to showcase your Christmas tree if you celebrate the holiday. Put your tree up, hit the lights and draw the curtain. Create a beautiful fabric backdrop of the tree without giving your neighbors a look inside your home.

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