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Wall Mounted Curtain Track Or Ceiling Mounted

Decorate your room with wall mounted curtain track. When it comes to making choices in your home about things like new furniture, paint, flooring, and curtains it can be a debate between which color or choice is better. You may spend weeks deciding between two shades of blue that don’t seem to even be that different. Yet at the end of the day, every tiny detail matters when you want to style your home the right way. Finally settled on the right style, length, pattern, and material of curtains? The next decision: wall mounted curtain track or ceiling mounted tracks?

Form Over Function

When it comes to the pros and cons between wall mounted curtain track or ceiling mounted, it’s form over function. Ceiling mounts give you the ability to create a flowing, floor to ceiling style. They can even be recessed into the ceiling for a hidden, seamless look that’s more elegant. This is great when you have a situation where there is not much room between the top of your window and the ceiling. It’s fantastic to create a layered look as well. Adding two or three tracks parallel can give you the chance to have sheer, decorate and blackout curtains. Meaning you pull back or close those that you need when you need.

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If you have particularly high ceilings and don’t want to splash extra cash on very lengthy fabrics that read the floor then wall mounted tracks might be your better option. You can still stack wall-mounted tracks in a similar layered fashion with brackets. If you are worried about covered a curved window on one of your walls, you shouldn’t stress. Flex Track tracks are bendable and can easily be shaped around your window.

Wall Mounted Curtain Track

Do What You Like

When it comes to which is better, it really depends on what you like. Ceiling mounted tracks can be perfect for creating elegant separation in a large room. An open floor space style home with large floor to ceiling curtains creates division and space through separating rooms. Wall mounted tracks can be great if you don’t want to spend too much on fabric curtains.

No matter which style, wall mounted curtain track or ceiling mounted, you can find all that you need on The Flex Track’s online store. We also have easy installation directions on our site so that you can quickly assemble and install your curtains. Your choice in track might be a debate but one debate that won’t be had is how easy these are to install. They’re also quite customizable and able to bend to the shape you need. We have time for any questions about the products we offer. If you aren’t certain which may work best for your needs you can’t always get in touch with us. We can answer any questions you need. Feel free to also check out our FAQ section at answer any common questions that arise for our curtain track shoppers or call us at (714) 865-7799