Hospital Curtain Track

Medical Space Needs the Right Hospital Curtain Track

It’s difficult to find a healthcare facility or a medical space without curtains. They are required to provide patients with the privacy that they need. However, curtains need tracks so they are installed properly. That’s why it’s vital to pick a suitable hospital curtain track so healthcare workers can hang the privacy curtains properly.

Hospital Curtain Track and Curtains for Privacy and Space

When patients visit a hospital, they may need to stay in a hospital cubicle. The curtains used here can vary. But the most important part of hanging a privacy curtain is the one that holds it from the ceiling or a wall. Hence, when choosing the right curtain tracks, they have to be durable enough to take a significant amount of weight.

Unfortunately, hospital curtain tracks aren’t created equal. That’s why it’s vital to pick a durable track and can be customized, like the ones being offered by The Flex Tracks. The curtain tracks here are flexible. The company offers on-site customization. Many of its customers visit the company to resolve their curved-curtain troubles. All curtain tracks are crafted with excellent workmanship and each track is made of the highest quality materials that can last long.

Hospital Curtain Track

Can Hospital Curtain Tracks Be Customized?

When choosing Flex Tracks, customers can ask for custom design. It’s an important service, especially for a hospital setup. The spaces in a healthcare facility are not standard. That’s why customization is necessary to ensure proper fitting privacy curtains. The company offers added accessories to make it easier for the tracks to be customized to fit a certain space.

Available Optional Accessories

In addition to the primary curtain tracks, a bendable curtain track system has several components. The curtain track provides the framework. But to give the system the final shape, it needs accessories, such as selfie magnet catch, refer splicer, joint pint, adjustable hanger, hanger clip, end wall bracket, extra ceiling double bracket, and many others. And they are all available at the Flex Tracks.

Industry Leader in Privacy Hospital Curtain Tracks

When hospitals and dental offices need hospital curtain tracks, they turn to The Flex Tracks to provide them with the right tracks and accessories to install their privacy curtains. They know that the products we offer here are created with precise workmanship to ensure they last for a lot longer. They are made of the highest quality materials for lasting durability.

How Flexible are the Curtain Tracks?

They are extremely flexible as they bend 90 degrees or more sans splicing. In that way, sliders can move freely with no disruption, which is a requirement in a hospital setup. The tracks can sustain 9 pounds of curtain weight.

Picking the Best Curtain Tracks

There are plenty of options available at Flex Tracks. Contact us to help find the best materials. Our company is based in California and it has been around for over 15 years. Our customers can request customization to suit their spaces. To find out more about hospital curtain track and other products we offer, or schedule a consultation, please call (714) 865-7799