Ceiling Mount Curtain Rod

Buying Ceiling Mount Curtain Rod for Your Home Office

Are you redesigning your house, particularly your home office? There are many aspects to consider. One of them is how you’re going to design your windows. Keep in mind that the curtains can make a difference to your decor, no matter what your windows look like. If you’re looking to find a rod for your curtains, make sure to choose a piece that can make a bold statement. The ceiling mount curtain rod is just what you need.

How to Choose a Ceiling Mount Curtain Rod?


Curtain rods are measured by diameter. However, you can choose a customized rod to ensure that it fits in the area where you mount the rod. The Flex Tracks offers the best-customized curtain rods with a unique design. The tracks are smooth and strong. Because of their durability, they can be used commercially or within the household.

How High the Rod Be

When measuring the height of the curtains and rods, you should consider how high the rod will be. Keep in mind that when you install it too low, it can bring down the height of the room. But you can opt to hang it a few inches above the window. Or split the distance between the window frame and the crown molding of the room. However, if you’re not sure how high will the rod be, consider talking to Flex Tracks’ experts. All curtain tracks available are versatile. Plus, there are various options to choose from.


The Flex Tracks offers an array of elegant, versatile, and durable curtain rods and accessories. When it comes to color, you need to start figuring out the material that best suits your home office and personal style. Furthermore, you need to determine the type of curtain that you want to use.

Trending Curtain Rods

You may consult with our Flex Tracks experts to know which rod is ideal for your house and not what’s trending. Keep in mind that trends don’t usually last. It can be that you need a bendable curtain track or an elastic track that you can mount on the ceiling. You can also choose continuous tracks with variable lengths. There are kits from our shop where you can find the desired shape with a smooth drapery system.

Premium-Grade Rods

The curtain rods are just as vital as the quality of the curtain. Hence, you need to use premium-grade rods to ensure that they last a lot longer. You may also choose flexible curtain tracks that can offer you a soundless curtain system experience. Because of how strong the tracks are, they can be used anywhere in your house or commercial space.

Ceiling Mount Curtain Rod

Why Buy the Rod from the Flex Tracks?

If you want premium-grade rods, then make sure that you only opt for a reputable company. Flex Tracks is based in California with 15 years of experience in the business. Its list of clientele has grown because of referrals. If you wish to know more about Flex Tracks’ ceiling mount curtain rod and how it can transform the design of your home office, please call (714) 865-7799