Ceiling Curtain Track

Let the Ceiling Curtain Track Maximize the Light Shining Through the Window

It is easy to hang your curtains when you have the right tool. If you choose to hang it from the ceiling, make sure that you have a reliable ceiling curtain track. Otherwise, you’ll be at risk of experiencing the curtain falling from the ceiling. Worse, you get hurt if the track falls over your head.

What Ceiling Curtain Track to Use?

The tracks come in various shapes, especially when you choose to shop them from The Flex Tracks. They are a perfect option if you want a curtain track that’s durable and flexible and can hold 8.8 pounds per foot. The quality of curtain tracks from the Flex Tracks is second to none. It is guaranteed and even the company’s customers can vouch for it.

Why Choose to Hang the Curtain from Ceiling?

One of the reasons for hanging the curtains from the ceiling is to maximize the light coming through the window. But that’s not the only reason many homeowners are choosing this method of hanging the curtains. If your window system doesn’t align with the design of your space, you can conceal it by having curtains at the top of the wall.

How High Should You Hang the Curtains?

It depends. You still need to consider the ceiling height. If your ceiling has a standard height, either method of hanging can work. But choosing to hang it from the ceiling will hide the trim of the window while it offers the effect of heightening the wall.

Maximizing the Light

As mentioned, when you choose to hang the curtains at ceiling level, you are maximizing the light shining through the window. As a result, it makes the room look larger while the walls look taller. This type of hanging your curtain will make your small space look bigger. However, it may not be that ideal if you already have a large room. But you can use another curtain track from Flex Tracks to let you place the curtain above the wood trim. Doing so will let you use a shorter curtain and allow the fabric to pool on the floor. The effect can be appealing. Because you’ll be mounting the track to the ceiling, you will have to use a longer curtain.

The Dependable Curtain Track

Did you know that you can order customized curtain tracks from Flex Tracks? Yes, the company offers custom designs based on your requirements. There are also accessories you can purchase there to make it easier for you to customize the track and fit in a certain space in your house. You can even choose a u-shaped curtain track and install it in your bathroom to offer privacy.

Ceiling Curtain Track

15 Years of Experience

You can trust Flex Tracks to customize your ceiling curtain track. The company has been around for more than 15 years. With that experience, you can be sure that the company can offer the track and accessories you need for your house. Call (714) 865-7799 to know more.