Ceiling Drapes and Valance Wall Mount Instructions

Step 1
Draw a line along wall or ceiling where drapery/curtain is intended. In the situation where curve line is difficult to draw, such as on ceiling, it is suggested to draw it on a piece of paper or cardboard first as template, attach the board on to ceiling, then proceed with the next step.
Step 2
For every foot of curved track, we recommend 4 rollers and 1 mounting cartridge. For straight tracks, we recommend installing mounting cartridges every 9″ to avoid a wavy result. If your ceiling or wall is sharply curved, please call us so we can recommend the best number of rollers and cartridges.
Step 3
Ceiling Mount Installation Assemble cartridge set A and B to form the finished sets as shown in Figure 1. Length of cartridge is adjustable through different screw hole.
Step 4
Ceiling Mount InstallationCeiling Mount Installation For wall mount application, mount each Cartridge set A on to wall 24 inches apart along the line with lockable clips (Z) facing down. Mount one Cartridge set B between each cartridge set A. Screw the cartridge into wall tightly (Figure 2a left). Additional cartridge set A may needed at the end of the track or around sharp turns.
Step 5
Ceiling Mount Installation Measure the length of your pre-drawn line, and with a hacksaw, cut the track a little bit longer than your measured length.
Step 6
Ceiling Mount InstallationCeiling Mount Installation Starting from one end, lock the track into cartridge one after another by pushing the clip on cartridge tightly against track. The flat surface of the track should be facing up during installation. Do not try to force or bend the track! Curvature of track will formed automatically once the track is locked into place.
Step 7
Ceiling Mount InstallationCeiling Mount Installation Insert rollers into the track, and cap both end of tracks with end cap.
Step 8
Ceiling Mount Installation For Valance Installation: Cut the required length of valance board and place it on top of the valance brackets. Insert the beads of the valance cloth into the groove of valance board with the velcro band facing toward the wall.
Step 9
Ceiling Mount InstallationCeiling Mount Installation Cut the valance cloth w/ velcro 0.5 in. shorter than valance board and close the valance board with board end cup.
Step 10
Ceiling Mount Installation Hang the curtain onto the roller of the track, then fold the valance cloth down, and make sure the velcro is facing away from the wall.
Step 11
Attach the valance to valance board by aligning the velcro strips.
Step 12
Ceiling Mount Installation You’re done! You now have beautiful drapery with valence that perfectly follows the curvature of your wall/windows. Note: For ceiling mount application, installation process is similar but all you need to use are ceiling mount cartridges