Plain Curtains Wall Mount Instructions

Step 1
Ceiling Mount Installation Draw a line along wall or ceiling where drapery/curtain is intended. Measure the pre-drawn line, cut the track in length as needed with a hacksaw.
Step 2
Ceiling Mount Installation Install the wall mount cartridges 12 inch apart along the wall with lockable clips facing down. Additional cartridges may be needed at the end or at sharp turns. For every foot of curved track, we recommend 4 rollers and 1 mounting cartridge. For straight tracks, we recommend installing mounting cartridges every 9″ to avoid a wavy result. If your ceiling or wall is sharply curved, please call us so we can recommend the best number of rollers and cartridges.
Step 3
Ceiling Mount Installation Starting from one end, lock the track into cartridge one after another by pushing the clip on cartridge tightly against track (flat surface of track should be facing up). Do Not try adjust or bend the track- Curvature of the track will be formed automatically once the track is locked in place.
Step 4
Ceiling Mount Installation Cut off any slack length of track.
Step 5
Ceiling Mount Installation insert rollers into the track.
Step 6
Ceiling Mount Installation Once the rollers are inserted, place end cap on both ends of the track.
Step 7
Ceiling Mount Installation Hang the curtain onto the track rollers. You are now done!