New Delac Straight Track, 6.6′ Each Piece


$4.8/ft.   Color:  warm white
Minimum order 3 pieces, 79”x 7/8”x2/3”,  “U” shaped rigid track with tight fit splicer to extend the track length.
Heavy duty aluminum Track.  Exceptional durable. Multi-purpose rail with a wide range of applications for residential, commercial, hospital partition, IV rail and picture rail. Click tech. data for details.

Weight capacity: 3.3 pounds per ft.
Mounting hardware: 1 @ 36” interval, 1 @ 4” from each track end.
Place mounting hardware at even spacing to accomplish better appearance.

Technical Data (PDF)


Required Components Order the following required components for a complete system

1) Buy 4 rollers for every foot of track,$0.25 each

New Delac Roller

2) Buy 2 end caps for each segment of track,$1.00 each

New Delac Endcap

3) Buy 1 cartridge for every 3 feet of track,$1.50 each

New Delac Ceiling Single Bracket

4) Buy 1 cartridge for every 3 feet of track,$2.50 each

New Delac Wall Single Bracket

Additional information

Weight 2.4 lbs

Please call or email us for overseas order if your process does not go through.