T-Bar Clamp, TBC


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Adjustable clamp, 3/4″ X 7/8″ X 1/4″. Fits regular T-bar grid 3/4″ to 1- 1/8″ wide, for lay in tile.

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This clamp (TBC) is used in conjunction with ceiling mount cartridges (CC) for clamping onto the metal grid of a T-bar so that our FlexTracks can hang from conventional T-bar ceilings. If metal grids are no present on site, a metal cross tee or spline is required. This T-bar clamp will not damage the metal grid and is removable and reusable. Once TBC+CC are in place, simply snap the track into the ceiling mount cartridges one after another.

T-bar Clamp

Number of required mounting TBC+CC is : One T-Bar Clamp for every 9″ of bendable track (for straight application) One T-Bar Clamp for every 12″ of bendable track (for curved application) One T-Bar Clamp for every 18″ of standard or medium duty straight track One T-Bar Clamp for every 36″ of aluminum straight track

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