Quality Flexible Tracks for all your Curtain Needs

Reinforced with Metal Spine

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Quality Flexible Tracks for all your Curtain Needs

Reinforced with Metal Spine



Flex Track became the perfect SOLAR SHADE on my balcony! When I couldn't find a 9' solar shade that was ceiling mounted and curved, I turned to Flex Track for the perfect solution! It was easy to install (one girl and a ladder) and the result is amazing. I used the clamp hooks to attach fabric to the rollers and now we can sit on the balcony in the mornings without the sun in our eyes! Also, since my ceiling was brown, I sprayed the track and rollers to create a custom look. (Rust-oleum Universal is a spray paint that will adhere to any surface, including plastic). I have been trying to find a solar shade solution for my balcony for over a year. Thank you Flex Track!!

Bob B.

Bezek-Durst-Seiseer Architects

What a God send product. The only other choice we seemed to have had was imported expensive German custom fabricated hardware. We procrastinated for over a year due to cost and complexity until we found your track on the web.


The Designer Mine

Success!! The impossible has been accomplished, and just two days later, the next order has already come in!! All in all, very pleased with you and the product.


Oh, wow, thank you very much. I really appreciate your service.


Marcs. Interiors

We have just finished up two large jobs using your bendable rodding. One was using the medium weight rod, about 150 feet total, in a restaurant/lounge. The other was using the light weight rod, about 90 feet total, in a condo restaurant. It is so simple to install! The carriers move easily over the rod. I want others in the business to know how great this product is.

Tony P.

Milwaukee Repertory Theater

We absolutely love the F-TRACK System. It works fantastically. It has been easy to work with and easy to install. The durability is amazing.

Shawna S.

I rarely write to a company to praise (or criticize) a product. But this was so easy and turned out so well I just had to write in. I got my flextrack kit the NEXT DAY after ordering it. With nothing more than a small cordless drill, a screwdriver, pliers and ladder I installed the entire 15 feet of track myself in about 2 hours. No surprises, no hassles. This was too easy. Now I'm looking around my house for more places I can hang curtains from the ceiling! Thanks for making something truly useful that is exactly as you descibe.

Elizabeth B.

You have a wonderful product. I hope your business is very successful.

Sandi D.

The F-TRACK System is perfect for my application. I will let others know of the product.

Susan A.

I am very satisfied with my order. I would like to repeat that same order for the other bay window in our home.

Craig O.

Just finished our first installation with your product. What a breeze. The client was ecstatic and so were we. It was simple and straight-forward. Though not a large installation, it was the perfect product for our customer and the results were fantastic. We look forward to using your products again.

Sharon & Phil M.

My husband wanted me to be sure to tell you thank you for all your help. This product REALLY does work. It is easy to install and everything you suggested was right on.

Barbara O.

I forgot to mention to you that everybody who saw my installation is raving about it. Contractor loves it, he says that it is very easy to install. It looks wonderful. I am recommending it to everyone who asks. My sister installed it at my recommendation too and she loves it. You have a great product there. I hope you do well.

John L.

I wanted to tell you how much I like your product. I installed the rail myself (I am normally not an effective handyman) and the curtain and rail have dramatically changed my den. The curtain fits the space well and the fact that I could form the rail around several existing obstacles (fans, lights and sprinkler heads) on the ceiling is amazing! Not only is your product everything I thought it would be; your instructions were very helpful to me in successfully accomplishing the project. Thank you for the product, thank you for the installation instructions and most importantly, thank you for your attention to my order.

Ann T.

Wanted to tell you how satisfied I am with your product and your service. When I purchase things on-line I often hold my breath as things can so easily go wrong.But everything with you has worked great. Your bendable curtain system is great for houses with uneven ceilings and walls. It should have been really difficult to get a straight line in our house as the wall-board was installed incorrectly. However, your product has just enough give that not only do the curtains look straight, but so does the wall. I am so glad I found your product..

Jia L.

Thank you for your track system product. We just installed it over the weekend, and we are very pleased with it. I did a lot research for bay window with double track with valance . Your track worked perfectly well for our window. We do have some more smaller windows need to be update and I will for sure order from you again. We are very happy to finally get our baywindow done. We had the curtain made sitting their for a couple of years already. I wish I had found your website earlier.

Mary F.

I just got my Flex Track yesterday and have ordered more. The installation was perfect, no cheap screws that became stripped in installation, so easy. We put the track behind and under a wooden cornice board that was already in place and it is just perfect. I read your testimonials before I ordered and now am one of the believers. I only wish I had discovered this product before I finished most of the window treatments in our home. Thank you. Very good service and product

Kata A.

Satisfied Customer

Thank you! I appreciate your wonderful efficiency and a great product! I looked everywhere online for something to use to create a shower curtain in an odd place until I found your site. Thank you for being there!

Diane T.

Custom Fabric Interiors,Inc.

Thank you for your assistance and detailed product knowledge. Our order arrived safely and on time, and we love the product. Everything was exactly as you portrayed it on the telephone, and that is a good feeling when your resource is thousands of miles away on the West Coast. Will certainly order from you again. Keep up the good work!

Paul Z.

What an amazing product! It works exactly as advertised, It only took 1.5 hours to install the track & curtain myself. Your instructions were perfect. Thanks a MILLION!!!!

Lance F.

Satisfied Customer

I used your product to install a floor to ceiling shower curtain in a remodeled master bathroom. I did not want to break up the view of the extensive tile and granite with solid glass enclosure, etc.. Plus this was at least $5,000 cheaper :-). Of course there is the maintenance free aspect of the shower curtain -vs- glass as well, since our water is rich in calcium. Thanks. BTW, I showed it to some other folks and they were very impressed with your product as well.

Dino H.

Center for Living Arts

No question, just praise. I received my order very promptly and had 40 feet of track installed around the front edge of our stage in just hours. I was concerned that it would be too hard to handle doing it by myself, but it was actually quite simple. It is exactly what we needed... Thank you! I will be back for more in a few weeks!

Michael Ingraham


I just wanted to follow up and tell you guys what a great product you have. I have had several projects lately that require installation of curtain track and have found your tracking to be hands down the best for both curved and straight applications. Position the mounting clips, unroll and snap in the tracks...nothing could be easier. As a professional decorator, I would highly recommend your tracks!