New Delac Wave Style Curtain Kit


New Delac / wave style roller set

Cost per foot: $6.15 ( track excluded )

The kit includes these items:
Roller+Pleating cord: $3.50/ foot
Flat tape: $1.00/ foot
Weight string: $1.25/ foot.
Flat adjustable hook: $0.40 ea.

Technical Data (PDF)


(1) The Wave Style creates a feeling of naturally flowing fabric.

(2)The curtains are draped in gentle waves about 1.5–2.2 times the width of window, resulting in a continuity of pattern and texture.

(3)There is a natural wave in the curtains at intervals of 80mm (3.2″).

(4)With its tape and accessories, it creates natural, elegant symmetrical waves.



Additional information

Weight 0.32 lbs

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