Refre Flexible Track


$5.50/ft.    Color:  warm white

Cut any length to order, minimum 17’.

Length less than 17’ is suggested to use our prepackaged kit with splicer to make up intended the length.

Mounting hardware interval:  Max. every 12” in field, 2” from edges.  Click technical data for dimensions and other information.
Try to install all hardware with even spacing to achieve better appearance. Load capacity: 1.1 pound per roller.

Technical Data (PDF)


Required Components Order the following required components for a complete system

1) Buy 3-4 rollers for every foot of track, $0.45 each

Refre Roller

2) Buy 2 end caps for each segment of track, $1.00 each

Refre End Cap

3) Buy 1 cartridge for every foot of track,$0.75 each


Refre Single Ceiling Mount Cartridge

4) Buy 1 cartridge for every foot of track, $0.85 each


Refre Single Wall Mount Cartridge

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs

Please call or email us for overseas order if your process does not go through.