Wall mount curtain track

Wall Mount Curtain Track and Other Interior Trends This Year

When building and decorating your home, one feature you can’t afford to overlook is your windows. Everything from the style of window to your fabric and your curtain track choices can make a difference. For instance, in some rooms, a wall mount curtain track maybe is the best option if you don’t want to spend too much money on fabric whereas in others a ceiling mount track may be best if you want an elegant ceiling-to-floor flowing look.

Bay windows

Bay windows never go out of style as they open up the space and allow natural light into a home. They are commonly used in living rooms but an increasingly popular trend is to use them in other spaces like kitchens. The problem is that installing curtains is not that easy when you have large bay windows.

Flexible tracks that can be easily shaped to fit the windows provide a great solution. The Flextracks has been selling curtain tracks for 15 years and can offer you expert advice about how to make your curtains in your bay windows look their best. Its products offer the type of flexibility you need for hanging curtains in bay windows and you can use a wall mount curtain track or a ceiling mount track.

Wall mount curtain track


Adding more windows

Large windows are becoming more popular than ever as they allow natural light to flood into the home, open up the room and make it feel larger. They help to bring the outdoors in so people can enjoy the nature that surrounds them. In the past windows weren’t that energy efficient but improvements in technology mean that windows today offer quality insulation.

As having more windows in a home is a growing trend, it is important to find the type of curtain tracks that can accommodate this. It is important to look for tracks that can be run continuously and aren’t of a limited length. The Flextracks has the right solution for you with bendable tracks you can bend or shape to suit all your needs.

Clean and simple window treatments

Clean and simple is one of the biggest window treatment trends in 2021. While the window treatment itself is important, the hardware can add another level of style to a design. Flextracks doesn’t only sell curtain tracks but optional accessories too that make its system very versatile. When choosing window treatments, it is important to consider factors like insulation, light control, and privacy. Organic and textural curtain fabrics are popular and a neutral linen drape is a timeless option that’s clean and simple.

A wall mount curtain track or a ceiling mount track

The Flextracks is located in California and you can call (714) 865 7799 and get hold of a live person who will be able to offer you expert advice about what kind of track to install. The tracks the company offers have a long life expectancy and can be installed on either ceilings or walls using unique hardware for each type.