bendable curtain rods installation kits

The Flex Track’s Bendable Curtain Rods Installation Kits

How to find rods installation kits? If you feel like you’ve spent ages trying to find an appropriately sized yet oddly shaped curtain rod to fit the unique window style of your new swanky apartment or home you’ll be glad to know that your search is finally over.

Bendable Curtain Rods Installation Kits

With our new prepackaged installation kits, installing The Flex Track’s bendable curtain rods doesn’t feel like an annoyance or hassle. Kiss goodbye the days of frustrating curtain installations that take forever and never seem to fit quite right. Our prepackaged installation kits are delivered right to your doorstep and contain everything required for simple ceiling or wall mount projects. Available in a variety of grades of durability and strength, our prepackaged kits are great for carrying the weight of heavy curtain fabric, or simply holding up a mosquito net for outdoor applications.

Bendable Curtain Rods and Applications | The Flex Track

The bendable curtain rods only available at The Flex Track literally revolutionized the way in which windows are dressed. Embedded with metal spines, our bendable curtain rods are exceptionally strong and are lightweight as well and are great for smooth running curtain applications with both curved and cornered shapes. Whether you’re looking to add that extra wow factor for guests or you’re looking to dress a hotel with bold curtains, at The Flex Track we have the perfect bendable curtain rod for the job. Though seemingly simply curtain track installations can actually be peppered with all sorts of issues. The FlexTrack has just the solution you need to make your home or business look as attractive as possible, as easily as possible.

Contact us for Bendable Curtain Rods and Prepackaged Installation Kits

If you have questions regarding the bendable curtain rods or prepackaged installation kits at The Flex Track, or would simply like to contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable service representatives, don’t hesitate and call us today. We look forward to helping your transform the atmosphere and aesthetic of your home or business with The Flex Track’s Bendable Curtain Rods and Prepackaged Installation Kits. Contact us at 714.961.8883