curtain valance kits

Curtain Valance Kits for the Do-it-Yourselfer

Do you have curtain valance kits too? When the weather changes, we very often want the design of our homes to reflect the new season, and one of the easiest and most effective methods for reinvigorating our living spaces is the addition of curtains or draperies. If you are looking to spruce up your home décor this summer, why not start by adding a bit of elegance to your window treatments? With the inexpensive, easy-to-install curtain Valance kits from, you can have beautiful home accents in only a few simple steps!

Window treatments add a personal touch to any home or office. Whether your style is classic, beachy, urban or just about anything, a Valance can add a gorgeous finishing touch to your interior design.

Design options are legion when it comes to curtains and draperies. Don’t think that curtains have to be in front of windows, either. With a simple and sturdy curtain Valance kit, you can install a Valance in an open entryway to add a bit of texture to your home environment.

Curtain Valance Kits

With our curtain Valance kits, you can choose to install your curtains or draperies in any way you wish. Designed to be mounted on either walls or ceilings, you can choose any design configuration that best suits your needs.

The FlexTrack provides stable and sturdy flexible curtain tracks that can be fitted to suit any type of curvature or design need. Because our tracks are constructed with the highest grade materials, you can be certain that your curtains or draperies will be solidly held for as long as you desire. Unlike most flexible tracks, The FlexTrack offers flexible tracks build with high-grade and durable metal spines.

The FlexTrack is a one-stop-shop for flexible curtain installation materials. If you are looking for the highest quality and most reasonably priced tools for installing new and unique curtain structures, please visit for all of your curtain tracks and accessories.