flexible curtain rod

Buy Flexible Curtain Rod Online

Why it is best to buy flexible curtain rod online? Changing the curtains around your windows is a chore, and homeowners often put it off for many years, unwilling to go through the agony of fitting the curtains around difficult shapes. Although most modern homes are built to have flat, easy-to-cover windows, many older homes do not have these advantages, and instead are likely to have a number of windows which are not suited for curtain rails or poles. Arched or round windows, bay windows and those with circular features need to use flexible curtain rails, rather than the standard straight track. This is the best way of securing curtains to the window.

Finding flexible curtain track

When you need to have a particular type of curtain rod, your options in DIY stores can dip dramatically. Most stores are only set up to allow straight track, including poles, rods and plastic track that is simply fitted to the space above the straight window, and the hooks attached. There is often little accommodation for other types of track, including the curved, and so homeowners have to use other options. If you have been struggling to find a suitable curtain rod near to your home, then you will need to buy a flexible curtain rod online that can help you to hang your curtains effectively, and ensure that curtains look attractive in their chosen spot.

Using flexible curtain track to decorate

There is another advantage with buying the flexible track online, and that is that you don’t have to limit yourself to a specific length. In most cases while buying in a store, the assistant will cut the rod to the size that you require, and there is no extra track provided. However, online sellers tend to deal with fixed amounts, anywhere from 98 feet to 164 feet. If you buy the roll of track in such a large amount, it makes sense to try and use as much of it as possible and this is where home decor ideas can be very useful. Rather than simply use the track to hang curtains over your windows, you could use it to drape fabric around a bed, turning it into a medieval style bedroom where you slip between curtains to get into bed. You might also like to try dividing a room using the spare track, or using it to shield children playing in a sun room without having to draw the curtains.